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BT31 - Sign in


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As Catesta started the discussion on his BT30 disk, I would like to kick off the BT31 sign-on thread already. I will send out a single CDR this time although I'm still not sure about two tracks.

CAn you please send me your postal addresses (incl your Big-O nick names please) to


If some of you want to help me with some US distribution I would be happy to accept volunteers :blush: .

Best regards, Tjobbe

EDITED to list BT31 participents as by now (17 enrolled by now):

Tooter (SEND)

Mikeweil (SEND)

Bright Moments (SEND)

Stereojack (SEND)

King Ubu (SEND)

brownie (SEND)

Durium (SEND)

Stefan Wood (SEND)

durchmanx (SEND)

couw (SEND)


cannonball-addict (SEND)

DukeCity (SEND)

Red (welcome !) (SEND)

Mr. Bassman (SEND within Mike's package)

catesta (SEND)

sitewinder (SEND)

marcoliv (SEND)

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Okay, No. 30 took me back to this fun... I'm in, but.... i don't need a seperate copy, because of mikeweil... we meet from time to time  :w , i hope more often in the future... summer break was very long in these times  :crazy:  :party:  :g

with regards

Mr. Bassman

np... I can get two copies to Mike in case of ....let me know.

Cheers, Tjobbe

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Well, that would be fine, but you must not do it, because we can copy my exemplar. I'm often at Mikeweils place... we play together in a band, the band-practice-place is at his home and... we have very nice audition-times, kind-of-a-reallife-bft :) , but, most of the time, he is the master and I am the pupil :blush: , but fun, I can tell you.

Well, i should say: Do, as you like, but you should know, that it is no problem for us to make a copy for me. Is this okay ?


Mr. Bassman

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If you send two copies to me it would be fine - I will have to return the master recorder next week, and I'm pretty sure the devil will do his tricks to keep us from meeting once they arrived here or whatever - to cut a long story short: If you send two, I can drop one in Mr. Bassman's mailbox any time ..... thanks!

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