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Mens - Who Cuts Your Hair?


Men, who cuts your hair?  

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Although I've gotten good haircuts from men (barbers & stylists), I have to say that I've been most consistently pleased with the haircuts I get from women, all things being equal (I've been butchered by both sexes as well).

Although I enjoy the male-bonding ritual aspects of barber shops, it seems that every time a barber gives me a haircut, I leave out of there looking like I'm on my way to an audition for a role in Gil Thorpe or some such. Not my bag...

Anyway, not trying to stir up any shit or anything, just curious where you go to get yourself looking like you want to look in terms of tonsorial splendor. The floor is open, and not least of all for sweeping up.

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MY sister is a hairdresser, so I get her to do. OF course, I rarely get my hair cut as it is past my shoulder in length.

Now that im out in Philly ill probably have to get it cut at an actual barbershop/salon though. Of course, I have been here since early August and havent needed one yet.

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Here's another haircut related question. How much do you tip? My haircuts cost $20, and I give the gal another $5. She's an acquaintance of many years who normally charges $30, so I'm still getting a bargain even with a 25% tip.

With regard to what separates a barber from a stylist, I always thought that once the cost of a cut moved into double digits, the perp was a stylist. Given the cost of everything these days, though, that probably doesn't work very well any more as rules of thumb (rule of thumbs?) go.

Up over and out.

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