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Mens - Who Cuts Your Hair?


Men, who cuts your hair?  

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I go to a male stylist, the same one for many years now. He owns the shop - before him it was the guy who he learned his trade with, he took the shop over at a certain point, and before him it was a very very cute 'n' pretty Italian stylist - it almost broke my heart when she married and moved out of town ..... the two were the first to use Vidal Sasson's methods in Germany.

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I have a male barber, who is a friend of my wife's sister, so I kind feel obligated to continue going to him. He doesn't do a bad job by any stretch of the imaginiation (my wife really likes the way he does my hair), but I could do without the "So how's old so-and-so..." conversation. Just shut up and cut my hair, dammit!

When we lived in Rochester, I had the World's Greatest Barber. Joey was an absolute master. I started going to him quite by chance (I had no car at the time, and he was closest to the University where I was attending Grad School), but he turned out to be an absolute GENIUS. First of all, he ALWAYS washed your hair for free. I loved it! He also spent about a half and hour to forty-five minutes cutting your hair...and he was the only person who worked in the shop! The line was around the block some days, but this guy was THAT good that I would sometimes go to his shop and spend two or even three HOURS waiting to get my hair cut (Joey was very cool if you needed to run out for a while...he'd hold your spot forever). You had a bring a good book when you went to Joey's! After he finished the cut (which was always absolutely perfect. He always asked you how many inches you wanted off the top, off the sides, etc), Joey would add the crowning touch...A SHAVE WITH WARM LATHER AND A STRAIGHT RAZOR. All this (the shampoo, the hair cut AND the shave) was around NINE DOLLARS. It was HEAVEN. Shortly before I moved, Joey got sick and had to sell the shop. I was heartbroken! I'll never have a barber like Joey again! :(

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I had some barber college haircuts when I was a teenager. They were definitely cheap, and sometimes good. But then there were those times when we'd be about two-thirds of the way through the haircut, and the student would just freeze, with a blank/scared look on her face. Then she would say something like, "Um... I'll be right back..."

She would go get the superviser, and that's when the real teaching and learning began! :P

Teacher tries to reassure me, assess the damage, encourage the student and keep the whole thing moving so they can get the next cheap bastard in the chair.

A few weeks of extra product and careful hat placement and the damage worked itself out.

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Hey - the one time I went to a SuperCuts was in Albuquerque, 1981, and I could tell as the cut was progressing that this chick was just following "the formula" w/o paying any attention to the way me hair actually laid (it's kinda quirky that way). Halfway through, I asked her, "Are you SURE this is gonna work". She cheerfully (if blankly) assured me that, yeah, it was going to be GREAT, that "the formaula" was fool proof.

Well, it didn't work, and I left disgruntled. About halfway to my car, I looked at myself in a shop window and seeing that my head now resembled a Caucasian Gumby-As-Chia-Pet, I turned around and stormed back into the store to demand a refund. The chick asked me if she wanted me to "fix it". I asked her why I should trust her to "fix it" when she couldn't get it right the first time - what would be different, had she taken another "styling class" in the intervening five minutes? A discussion with shop management ensued, the end result being that I got a refund, and it was mutually -and readily - agreed to that I would never return to that shop.

I can understand a bad haircut, but jeez, if you fuck something up, just cop to it for crissakes!

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Well, it didn't work, and I left disgruntled. About halfway to my car, I looked at myself in a shop window and seeing that my head now resembled a Caucasian Gumby-As-Chia-Pet, I turned around and stormed back into the store to demand a refund.



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I wish a woman cut my hair - its happened a couple times here and there. I just go to male barbers cuz that's what I've always done. Is it the case in other cities that almost all barbers in certain areas are Vietnamese or Greek or Philipino (rather than the stereotypical Italians)?

In DC, it's all Greeks and Vietnamese.


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i just got back from the yearly barbershop party at Big Al's Barber Shop

BTW he is the original Big Al

i've been going there since 1980 for cutzzz

it was 13 years ago today "Little Al" commited suicide

he was the same age as me and moved out to arizona in 1986 to take over the shop one day,

which happens to be the longest african american owned business in tucson

it is very, very similar to the tony dungy case

then today to hear big al talk about the pain that dungy must feel, it damn near made me break down

then 6/7 weeks later, my grandmother passed away

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An interesting oldie thread...

You know, the closer I get to "none of the above" (due to the old receding hair line), the more tempted I am to just pick up some clippers at KMart or somewhere and just give myself a buzz every couple of weeks. Seems to be a big waste of time and money anymore, although I've always felt that way to a large extent. Letting it grow out and walking around with a ponytail doesn't seem to be the solution anymore, so why not just get rid of it?

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Lately I've thought of shaving my head once and for all, but have fears of looking like a serial killer and/or a general "Deliverance" dude.

I do promise never to do the dreaded "combover". If anyone ever sees me with such, they have my *permission* to shoot me.

"You shore got a purdy mouth".........*cue banjo music* :)

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