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Javon Jackson - Easy Does It


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I liked the CD, but only 9 songs at 45 minutes seems low to me for $18.99. When are these labels going to give us our money's worth? I can get an RVG of Joe Henderson for $8.99.

Good point.

Even though sometimes 45 minutes is just about enough.

Is he a good guy to check out live? He's appearing in NY.

I'm not familiar with him, but have seen the name.

I've heard James Jackson though; he played bassoon for Sun Ra.:)

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Javon Jackson just doesn't have it in my book. Good player, but every solo disc I hear from him sounds wishy washy. I mean with this lineup, how could you go wrong? Somehow Javon does. He guides this group to Boresville. Jackson's compositions have always been berkely-bland.

Too bad this lineup is so killer. But like everyone else I was disappointed. I've barely had it on since I got it. These guys seem to think...Hey, I'll get Lonnie Smith and do a funk album! Problem is just that mindset. There's no grits to Javon's playing. "Soul Manifeso" and "Modern Man" are the only two recent offereings of this type of thing that really do justice to this brand of playing imho.

My advice is don't buy this. Treat yourself to something real in this department and find John Patton's "Boogaloo."

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Saw it in a shop a few days ago, had a listen, liked it, bought it. It's a case where - I think - your expectations can get in the way of simply enjoying this disc. I don't think Lenny White is a problem, or anybody else on the album. It's one of the best sounding organ records I have, I play it real loud. and the idea of having a tenor/organ duo is very nice.

Not mind-blowing, but good enough for me, perhaps not greasy enough for hard core Bluenoters?

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