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Tenor/Guitar Pairings


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I want to know the first session that you guys can think of that is a tenor sax and guitar pairing where it is NOT a blowing session (i.e. head, solo, solo, head). I am thinking of stuff along the lines of through-composed stuff where the tenor and the guitar play together throughout. Sonny Rollins and Jim Hall's "Travelin' Light" is a classic example and might be the first. This concept has culminated in pairings today like John Scofield and Joe Lovano, Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Mark Turner, Chris Potter and Adam Rogers. You don't have to like the stuff, just let me know who you think originated the concept. And please gimme some other examples of people who have tried this pairing either successfully or unsuccessfully. It seems to me it happened in the 1960s and then stopped during fusione in the 70s and picked up with the Lovano stuff in the late 80s and really gained steam in the 90s.

So JimR....I am counting on your knowledge. Who was the first to do this type of thing and who else did it.


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