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what's the 411 on this live Tolliver LP on enja from 1972??


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And I see from that back cover that the bonus material (all by itself) is well over 20 minutes long (close to 25 minutes actually, but then some of that is applause and such).

Having had the vinyl of this date for the last 6 months or so, I can say that it is ever bit as good any anything to be found on the Tolliver Select.

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Got this in the mail today, great stuff and the sound quality is very good as well. I like this as much as the Tolliver Mosaic set. Thanks for the heads up on this release.. :)

Just played it for the first time as well. It's real good, of course, feels most like the 'Live at Loosdrecht' set, which was reissued on CD as 'Grand Max'. The two sets share the same drummer, Alvin Queen, and several of the same compositions. To me, better than 'Live in Tokyo', but not up to the glorious standards of the sets with Jimmy Hopps: 'The Ringer','Live at Slugs' (both volumes), and 'Music Inc. and Big Band'. Hopps was such a great drummer for this group, and the rhythm is stiffer with Queen on drums. Also, the compositions here, while good, don't hit the stratospheric levels of 'On The Nile', 'Drought', 'Orientale', and 'Ruthies Heart' from those earlier sessions. Be sure to get this one, but get the ones with Jimmy Hopps first.

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