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Henry Grimes and Patti Waters in Paris and Belgium


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From the Henry Grimes website:

Saturday, March 4th: Henry Grimes & Patty Waters, Kunstencentrum Belgie, Burgemeester Bollenstraat 54-56+, 35OO Hasselt, Belgium, + 32 (O)11 22 41 61, www.kraak.net/festival2006, belgie@skynet.be;

Tuesday, March 7th: Henry Grimes & Patty Waters, Les Sept Lezards, 1O rue des Rosiers, Mo St. Paul (le Marais), Paris, France, + 33 (O)1 48 87 O8 97, www.7lezards.com, info@7lezards.com;

Wednesday, March 8th: Henry Grimes & Patty Waters, Marc Fevre & Benedicte Bucher's gallery, 14 rue Jules Valles, 75O11 Paris, France, + 33 (O)1 43 73 53 46, MoratLaurent@yahoo.com;

That should be interesting!

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Went to the second Paris show.

It was my first opportunity at seeing and listening to Patty Waters live and am glad I attended this.

Henry Grimes and Patty Waters shared the back of the cellar where the show was being performed. Patty Waters looking very frail and wearing a black floorlength gown which made her look like a fragile rescapee from the Peace and Love generation.

Grimes took the stage first with one of his long solo that builds on spîrit plus virtuosity with a mix of bowing and plucking. You rarely catch bass solos that last so long (more than half and hour) and yet manage to grab your attention and grab it and on and on.... Also the place was so small that the listener becomes really part of the whole musical performance. You're sitting right next to the musicians.

Patty Waters stood in a corner behind Grimes smiling and digging it all the time and when Grimes finished his solo section gently moved to the front and went into one of her tormented vocalizing. From the moment she started to sing, her smiling face turned into a tortured expression that matched her vocalizing.

Her repertoire included songs like 'Nature Boy' and 'Black is the Color of My True Love Hair' and her singing was more reminiscent of her two ESP albums than her more recent recordings. Musings that reach deep inside the listener.

Wish her two Paris shows had gathered more publicity. The events were not announced in the main media outlets. It was just lucky that both were attended by small enthusiastic audiences.

Henry Grimes had a stupendous improvisation in the second set that I wish had been recorded!

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Brownie, it sounds like you enjoyed Henry's performance but perhaps not Patti's, no?

BTW- Apart from the Andrew Hill show in April, is there any other recommended performances to see? I'll be in the Isle de France from April 5-24 visiting in-laws. Is there some sort of web site where one can go to get a listing of Jazz happenings in and around Paris or Normandy?

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wigwise, I really liked Patty Waters but not sure I 'enjoyed' it! A very emotional set and a quite unique experience. She has to be heard live!

As for Parisian jazz activities, there is no dedicated jazz site that can help but you can always check the Figaroscope listings

Not complete bit I do not know of any more thorough site.

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