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Miles - On the Corner and Beyond

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Well, won't be long now. . . .Though I have seen reports of a delay of the European release til October, still haven't seen any indication that this is not coming out on September 25.

Been enjoying the advance cdrs. It's interesting to hear how much Al Foster and his beat science changed the music. There's something about his hihat and snare work that separates this period from what came before clearly and distinctly. (I'm sure Miles had a direct hand in shaping this too.) One track that I come back to of the "new" stuff is "The Hen" (which I think of as "Funky M.A.S.H'd Chicken" or "Proto-Jean-Pierre") so simple on the surface but it sucks me in with the fuzzed out Cosey and the clean Lucas guitars and the soprano/muted trumpet themes.

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10th October onwards for me, courtesy of Amazon UK. :angry:

will you stop repeating old news please? I thought it was yet a further delay first! let's hope there won't be any!

Not 'old news' as far as I'm concerned. Just received an email from them to this effect to confirm it for sure.


that sure is weird, as I got the message exactly a week ago! (Quoted in my post, repeated below):

I heard Vince wants a turd of his to come with any of the sets... :rmad:

Dear Customer,

We wanted to give you an update on the status of your order [XXX].

Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date:

Miles Davis (Artist) "The Complete on the Corner Sessions [box

set]" [Audio CD]

Estimated arrival date: 10/10/07 - 12/10/07

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

(edited to get quotes in the right order)

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My ISP has been out of action, ubu - hence the delay. The email was probably sent out at the same time as yours.

Sure am looking forward to this set ! :)

Oh yes! except for the album "On the Corner", all of it will be new to me! The last major item in the Miles oeuvre that I don't know yet (with the other exception being Agartha/Pangaea).

I started building up excitement today by listening to the studio material from "Circle in the Round" onwards (disc 4 of the 65-68 Quintet box). Made it up to the unedited session of "In a Silent Way", will play the original album later as a lullaby... but now I'm off to watch some DVDs with live shows off of dime... :)

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but now I'm off to watch some DVDs with live shows off of dime... :)

Don't tell me - McCoy Tyner, Bobby Hutcherson and SFJ Collective at various festivals plus some vintage Bill Evans perhaps? :excited:

Skipped the Tyner & SF Jazz (too big, my ratio is bleeding anyway), caught parts of Hutch on tv, skipped then, too...

But what I watched is: Max Roach Hamburg (he's terrific, Pope is mostly boring, Bridgewater has a few nice spots, but Roach, oh my oh my!), Pierre Dorge's New Jungle Orchestra also from Hamburg - all 'round fun! Marilyn Mazur is great! So's Harry Beckett, and Johnny Dyani's in front of the camera for a second, too (but you can hear him also when he isn't seen... weird, seems like they rarely managed to film the soloing guys there... clarinet solo but you see the two alto guys, Mazur solo but you see the other percussionists, stuff like that... but the music is terrific!), then an older one, Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy from Burghausen, he and James Carter are shaking so much they're mostly off-mike, too bad. Sound's not great anyway, but Amina and Famadou are!

Now I'll watch the Evans for closers...

will play the original album later as a lullaby...

What? - 'On The Corner'? :crazy:

Nope, "In a Silent Way" - one of the earliest Miles albums I had (long before "Kind of Blue", took me a couple of more years to dig "KoB", when I long was into "IaSW"...)

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Listened to "He Loved Him Madly" today (after three Pablo Ellingtons) and it really sounds good in this new mastering. There isn't really noticable differences in the mixes here, but I think those that find lp versions muddy may find less silt in the flow here. . . .

That's one of the pieces that will be completely new to me and that I've read about - looking forward to hearing it soon, after all!

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I've got a feeling it will be a new favorite. ;)

I feel old. I remember reading about "Get Up With It" going to be released, and getting a little record shop to order me a copy, and rushing to get it when it came in, and tripping out for weeks to all four sides. It was like entering another dimension at some listenings (only partially for biochemical reasons!)

Miles' flipping unique organ on these sides used to boggle my mind. I wasn't sure I liked it. But it was so dominant it was like a huge conductor's baton that you could not ignore even as a listener.

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I bought the 'Get Up With It' and 'Big Fun' twofers not long after they were first issued in the UK, some of the first Miles I ever bought. 'Special price' of £2.99, 2LPs for the price of one, I seem to recall.

The first time I put 'Rated X' on the turntable was a bit of a shock though... :blink:

I think my folks thought that I'd bought a Hammer Films soundtrack so took care to listen through headphones only for many years.

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From Jazz Loft:

"We just received notice from the distributor that Sony has again delayed the release of Miles Davis "Complete On The Corner Sessions" boxed set until the first week in October.

In typical Sony fashion, they are keeping the September 28th street date so that the set qualifies for this years Grammy Awards. Please be aware that the actual release date is now October 5th. We will, of course, honor all orders at the pre-sale prices. Your cards have been charged and we will fill all orders as soon as Sony actually releases the set."

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