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Can't decide which mosaic sets to get

Jazz Groove

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I own the JJ and the Hodges. Both are essential in my opinion, but if I had to choose one, I would pick the JJ, only because I am more of a fan of bop orientated music than I am of "pre-bop". Both sets are great.

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Once you get bitten by the infamous Mosaic-bug, you'll want to have as many of them as possible... (speaking from experience).

If money is a point (and therefore. time), get the J.J. first - it was one of those sets which for me was a real surprise. I didn't know much by Johnson, except for some early bebop sides and the BlueNotes with Brownie and Miles. The Mosaic has hours of great music.

Otherwise, I don't know the Hodges and the Stitt yet, but will sometimes get both of'em.


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I have the JJ and Hodges. I would have predicted my liking the JJ set more, and it is in fact outstanding, but the Hodges has turned out to be one of my favorite Mosaics. The music is stellar - I have a copy of the earlier Hodges Mosaic, and while it's good, I prefer this box of slightly later material by quite a large margin. Best Hodges I've heard as a leader, hands down. And the sound quality is gorgeous. A great box - don't miss it.

'Course, my REAL advice would be to buy the JJ first (next to the BN's, this is my favorite JJ), and THEN the Hodges and THEN the Stitt, since that's probably the order they'll go OOP and you'll eventually want them all.

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