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BFT46 main disc. Discussion thread

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That's another one that I have and really like a lot, just haven't had it long enough to absorb the specifics. It's more like I remember the general sound and vibe of it w/o being able to place anything else. I got a lot like that, as well as a lot that I can get specific about. Life's short.

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Is the single one of McGriff's Sue things?

I assume you mean #5 & 6: no. And I was hoping you might be able to nail the sax player, who's not credited. :bwallace:


Well....it frequently sounds like Fred Jackson as Fred Jackson sounded on Face To Face.

Could it be?

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Is the single one of McGriff's Sue things?

I assume you mean #5 & 6: no. And I was hoping you might be able to nail the sax player, who's not credited. :bwallace:


Well....it frequently sounds like Fred Jackson as Fred Jackson sounded on Face To Face.

Could it be?

He's got all those Fred Jackson tricks down to a T. But his sound isn't as big as Fred's, it seems to me. The idea that I've toyed with affectionately down the years is that these may be the only recorded tenor solos of Fred Jackson Jr (plus another from the same LP). But I don't know.


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1. This track is driving me crazy. I feel like I should know the sax player and organist, but nothing is clicking. The closest I can guess is one of the Big John Patton / John Zorn discs on DIW, but I know that's not correct. This doesn't really sound like BJP and, other than the shrieks, this doesn't sound like Zorn. Too "gutbucket-y" to use a Crouch-ism. I like this track a lot.

You're quite right - it's neither BJP nor Zorn. :)

Everyone should know this sax player - but few do, unfortunately. There are so many great jazz musicians in that position, arent there?

I haven't looked post the first page of this thread OR heard the disc but could track 1 be Ned Rothenberg or Andrew D'Angelo or Gianni Gebbia?


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OK, I'm back on line now. So here are the answers to the main disc.


1 Eddie Chamblee – The honeydripper originally issued on “The rocking tenor sax of Eddie Chamblee” Prestige PR7321; reissued on Victor (Japan) VICJ60230

Eddie Chamblee (ts), Dayton Selby (org), Al Griffin (d). 27 Feb 1964, RVG studio.

2 Sonny Cox – Berimbau (the girls from Bahia) originally issued on “The wailer” Cadet LPS765; reissued on Universal Victor (Japan) MVCJ19118

Sonny Cox (as), Kenny Prince (org), John Howell, Arthur Hoyle & Paul Serrano (tp), John Avant (tb), Rubin Cooper or Leonard Druss (bars), Bobby Robinson or Roland Faulkner (g), Cleveland Eaton (b), Maurice White (d), arranged & conducted by Richard Evans. Jan 1966, Ter Mar studios, Chicago.

3 Lou Bennett – Dark eyes (Otchichornya) Issued on UK Columbia 45 DB7296. Possibly reissued on a King Curtis compilation.

Lou Bennett (org), King Curtis (ts), Franco Manzecchi (d) 1964 or (more likely) 1966, Lansdowne Jazz studios, London.

4 Lou Bennett – Moment’s notice Issued on “Enfin”, RCA (France) 430115. Reissued on CD RCA (France) 47796.

Lou Bennett (org), Rene Thomas (g), Gilbert Rovere (b), Charles Bellonzi (d) Mar 1963, Paris.

5 & 6 Dave “Baby” Cortez – Belly rub pts 1 & 2 Issued on Roulette R4717, reissued on “In orbit” Roulette R2528. There is a CD reissue of this and two other (all short) LPs in the UK. My copy is from an evidently very popular ex-jukebox 45. Sorry bout that but the rest of the albums isn’t up to very much.

Dave “Baby” Cortez (org), rest unknown (grrrr). 1965/66, NYC.

7 Rhoda Scott – Shabazz Issued on “Live at the Key Club”, TruSound TRU15014, reissued on P-Vine (Japan) PCD5621 (as part of a twofer with her other TruSound LP, “Hey! Hey! Hey!”).

Rhoda Scott(org, voc), Joe Thomas (ts, voc), Bill Elliott (d, voc) 23 Mar 1963, Key Club, Newark, NJ (by RVG).

8 The Bo-Keys – Back at the Chicken Shack issued on “The Royal sessions”, Yellow Dog YDR1061.

Marc Franklin (tp), Jim Sparke (ts, bars), Ronnie Williams (org), Calvin Newborn & Skip Pitts (g), Scott Bomar (b), Willie Hall (d) Apr 2003, Willie Mitchell’s Royal Studios, Memphis.

9 Jackie Ivory – The monkey woman Issued on “Soul discovery” Atco 33-178, never reissued.

Jackie Ivory (org), Paul Renfro (ts), Bill Nicks (d) 25 Aug 1965, Universal Recordings, Chicago.

10 Charles Williams – Trees and grass and things Issued on “Trees and grass and things” Mainstream MRL345, never reissued.

According to Mike Fitzgerald, the personnel is not as per the sleeve. It’s:

Charles Williams (as), David “Bubba” Brooks (ts), Don Pullen (org), Ted Dunbar (g), Gordon Edwards (b), Bill Curtis (d) 1971, NYC. This was a long established (since 1966) quartet called The Four Souls, (with Dunbar and Edwards added for the session). (Curtis later formed The Fatback Band, in which George Adams played sax; strange...)

11 Wild Bill Davis – Jive samba Originally issued as bonus track on “The Zurich concert” Jazz Connaisseur JCCD8701.

Wild Bill Davis (org), Clifford Scott (ts), Dickie Thompson (g), Clyde Lucas (d) 1 Nov 1986, Zurich.

12 Les McCann & The Jazz Crusaders – A little ¾ for God and co Issued on “Jazz waltz” Pacific Jazz PJ81, never reissued.

Les McCann (p, org), Wilton Felder (ts), Wayne Henderson (tb), Joe Sample (p, org), Robert Haynes (b),Stix Hooper (d) – I don’t know which plays organ on this track, but I suspect it’s McCann. Late 1963, PJ studios, LA.

13 Hank Marr – Late freight originally issued on Federal 45 12538; reissued on “On and off stage” King LP933; and “The greasy spoon” King LP1061.

Hank Marr (org), Rusty Bryant & Rudolph Johnson (ts), prob Wilbert Longmire (g), prob Taylor Orr (d) 29 Oct 1964, Cincinnati.

14 Billy Larkin & the Delegates with Clifford Scott – Blue lights Issued on Aura ARS23003, never reissued.

Billy Larkin (org), Clifford Scott (ts), Hank Swarn (g), Mel Brown (not the same as the guy who plays up in Oregon nowadays) (d) 1965, PJ studios, LA.

15 Jimmy McGriff – Groove alley issued on Blue Note BST84374, never reissued.

Jimmy McGriff (org), Arthur “Fats” Theus (ts per sleeve & as per Jim), Ronald White (tp), Joe Morris (as), Bill Thorpe (bars), O’Donal Levy (g), Saint Jenkins (d) 1971, The Golden Slipper, Newark, NJ (but it doesn’t SOUND live to me).

16 Ralph Skipper – Precious lord Issued on Songbird 45 1096. Reissued on “The unfolding of the book of life” (various artists) on UK Island in 1969 (but I haven’t got it any more).

Ralph Skipper (org). probably 1967, somewhere down South, I guess. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was in Texas.


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Hey MG,

I never put together any guesses, but I want to say how much I really enjoyed your selections. This main disc was great start to finish, with the exception that I like the Jimmy Smith original better than the rendition here. The Bonus disc was, well...magnificent! I especially dig the surf guitar-styled track.

Thanks again!

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