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Max Roach, Miles Davis Mosaics running low

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Several sets fall oustide the mode of hardbop. . . the Abbey Lincoln material and the "Rich vs. Roach" stuff. . . the ensemble with tubs. . . . .

Some very nice Booker Little and KD. . . some great Coleman and Turrentines.

I'm hard pressed to say why but I value this set a lot. The material with Mobley and KD has always been a favorite, and I even like the "drum battle" lp. Everything sounds better here than it does no separate cds.

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As Lon said it is a hard set for me to describe what about it works for me.

The set is not the first thing I grab by Roach but when I have time for it I am pleased with the results. I think the variety of the musicians and instrumentation makes it an interesting set. The recordings that exclude the piano are some of my favorites on the set. The notes are very well done, maybe even the best of any of the Mosaic's I own.

The instrumentation makes the music anything but typical Hard Bop. Once Clifford Brown passed away Max seems to have always pushed the dynamics of his groups to the point of trying to never sound common or like the status quo, so your are guaranteed these sessions will not sound like an average Hard Bop date from the 1950s or 1960s.

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I've been listening to set #2864 for a few days now, I agree with most of the previous comments. There is a lot of variety in the groups and the players are mostly outstanding - there is some great Dorham here and Tommy Turrentine is excellent too (as are all the tenors). Great drumming by Max of course. I'm very pleased with this one! :tup

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Finally ordered the Max Roach set. And since I didn't want to waste the $200 limit for the $30 in shipping costs, I also ordered the new Andrew Hill Solo Select (which will complete my Hill collection) and the John Patton one (which I've been meaning to get for months - completing my collection of BJP Blue Notes).

Got it today - amazingly fast shipping as usual. :D

I got Roach set #2893 (well, I *think* that's what it says - you really need some imagination for this one...)

Edited by Kyo
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The Complete Mercury Max Roach Plus Four Sessions (#201)




1. Mr. X (A) 5:14

(Max Roach)

2. Body and Soul (A) 6:50

(Green-Heyman-Eyton- Sour)

3. Just One of Those Things (A) 7:19

(Cole Porter)

4. Ezz-thetic (B) 9:19

(George Russell)

5. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (B) 7:05

(R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

6. Woody 'n' You (B) 6:52

(Dizzy Gillespie)

7. Dr. Free-Zee (B) 2:06

(Max Roach)

8. I'll Take Romance © 4:33

(B. Oakland-O. Hammerstein II)

9. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) © 4:43

(D. Ellington-I. Mills)

10. Blues Waltz © 6:34

(Max Roach)

11. Love Letters © 8:55

(W. Donaldson-G. Kahn)


1. Little Folks (D) 5:37

(Max Roach)

2. Minor Trouble (D) 6:59

(Ray Bryant)

3. Valse Hot (D) 14:23

(Sonny Rollins)

4. Lover (E) 6:15

(R. Rodgers-L. Hart)

5. Raoul (F) 4:47

(Max Roach)

6. This Time The Dream's On Me (F) 5:18

(H. Arlen-J. Mercer)

7. Tune Up (F) 7:43

(Eddie Vinson)

8. Confirmation (G) 4:26

(Charlie Parker)

9. Au Privave (G) 4:16

(Charlie Parker)

10. Anthropology (G) 4:26

(C. Parker-D. Gillespie)

11. Yardbird Suite (G) 3:54

(Charlie Parker)


1. Billie's Bounce (H) 5:35

(Charlie Parker)

2. Ko-Ko (H) 7:55

(Charlie Parker)

3. Parker's Mood (H) 8:21

(Charlie Parker)

4. Shirley (I) (stereo take) 6:30

(George Coleman)

5. My Old Flame (I) (stereo take) 3:33

(S. Coslow-A. Johnston)

6. Sporty (I) 5:47

(Bill Lee)

7. Stella by Starlight (I) 4:17

(V. Young-N. Washington)

8. Stompin' at the Savoy (I) 2:50


9. Memo: To Maurice (I) (stereo take) 7:33

(Eddie Baker)

10. Shirley (I) (mono take) 6:38

(George Coleman)

11. My Old Flame (I) (mono take) 3:38

(S. Coslow-A. Johnston)

12. Memo: To Maurice (I) (mono take) 7:44

(Eddie Baker)

13. Stompin' at the Savoy (I) (mono outchorus) :54



1. Spoken Introduction by Max Roach (J) 2:33

2. La Villa (J) 6:19

(Kenny Dorham)

3. A Night in Tunisia (J) 8:20

(D. Gillespie-F.Paparelli)

4. Deeds, Not Words (J) 4:28

(Bill Lee)

5. Minor Mode (J) 5:30

(Booker Little)

6. Tune Up (J) 5:21

(Eddie Vinson)

7. Love for Sale (J) 9:57

(Cole Porter)

8. Prelude (K) 5:06

(Consuela Lee Morehead)

9. Lepa (K) 2:08

(Muhal Richard Abrams)

10. Connie's Bounce (K) 5:19

(Bill Lee-Consuela Lee Morehead)

11. A Little Sweet (K) 3:05

(Max Roach)

12. Tympanalli (K) 4:52

(Max Roach)

13. Bemsha Swing (K) 5:26

(Thelonious Monk-Denzil Best)

14. There's No You (K) 5:41

(H. Hopper-T. Adair)


1. Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing) (L) 4:08

(Louis Prima)

2. The Casbah (L) 4:59

(Gigi Gryce)

3. Sleep (L) 3:19

(Earl Lebieg)

4. Figure Eights (L) 4:29

(B. Rich-M. Roach)

5. Yesterdays (L) 5:41

(J. Kern-O. Harbach)

6. Big Foot (L) 5:02

(Charlie Parker)

7. Limehouse Blues (L) 3:44

(D. Furber-P. Braham)

8. Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye (L) 3:57

(Erdman-Fio Rito-Kahn-Russo)

9. You're Mine, You (N) 2:43

(J. Green-E. Heyman)

10. Come Rain or Come Shine (N) 3:19

(H. Arlen-J. Mercer)

11. Wild Is the Wind (N) 3:17

(D. Tiomkin-N. Washington)

12. Speak Low (N) 2:50

(K. Weill-O. Nash)

13. I Concentrate on You (N) 4:52

(Cole Porter)

14. Moon-Faced and Starry-Eyed (N) 2:56

(K. Weill-L. Hughes)

15. Never Let Me Go (N) 3:04

(G. Jenkins-F. Burke)

16. Namely You (N) 2:54

(G. DePaul-J. Mercer)

17. Never Leave Me (N) 6:46

(Gordon Jenkins)

18. You're My Thrill (N) 3:41

(J. Gordon-S. Clare)


1. Limehouse Blues (alternate take) (L) 3:56

(D. Furber-P. Braham)

2. The Casbah (alternate take) (L) 4:27

(Gigi Gryce)

3. Big Foot (first alternate take) (L) 5:01

(Charlie Parker)

4. Big Foot (second alternate take) (L) 5:14

(Charlie Parker)

5. Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing) (alternate take) (L) 4:23

(Louis Prima)

6. Speak Low (first alternate take) (N) 2:05

(K. Weill-O. Nash)

7. Speak Low (second alternate take) (N) 2:53

(K. Weill-O. Nash)

8. Never Let Me Go (first alternate take) (N) 3:08

(G. Jenkins-F. Burke)

9. Never Let Me Go (second alternate take) (N) 3:11

(G. Jenkins-F. Burke)

10. Come Rain Or Come Shine (first alternate take) (N) 3:00

(H. Arlen-J. Mercer)

11. Come Rain Or Come Shine (second alternate take) (N) 3:10

(H. Arlen-J. Mercer)

12. Wild Is The Wind (alternate take) (N) 3:17

(D. Tiomkin-N. Washington)

13. You're Mine, You (first alternate take) (N) 3:11

(J. Green-E. Heyman)

14. You're Mine, You (second alternate take) (N) 2:47

(J. Green-E. Heyman)

15. You're Mine, You (third alternate take) (N) 2:50

(J. Green-E. Heyman)

16. I Concentrate On You (alternate take) (N) 4:49

(Cole Porter)

17. Never Leave Me (alternate take) (N) 6:44

(Gordon Jenkins)


1. Quiet as It's Kept (M) 6:10

(Bill Lee)

2. To Lady (M) 6:06

(Leon Mitchell)

3. Lotus Blossom (M) 5:32

(Kenny Dorham)

4. As Long as You're Living (M) 5:56

(J. Priester-T. Turrentine)

5. The More I See You (M) 4:02

(H. Warren-M. Gordon)

6. Juliano (M) 5:42

(Julian Priester)

7. Parisian Sketches (O) 17:08

(Max Roach)

index 1: The Tower

index 2: The Champs

index 3: The Caves

index 4: The Left Bank

index 5: The Arch

8. Nica (O) 4:46

(Sonny Clark)

9. Petit Dejeuner (O) 4:03

(Julian Priester)

10. Un Nouveau Complet (O) 3:22

(Tommy Turrentine)

11. Liberte (O) 6:25

(Max Roach)


(A) Kenny Dorham (trumpet); Sonny Rollins (tenor saxophone); Ray Bryant (piano); George Morrow (bass), Max Roach (drums)

NYC, September 17, 1956

13768 Mr. X Emarcy MG36098

13769 Body And Soul -

13770-4 Just One Of Those Things - _________________________________________________________________

(B) same as (A)

NYC, September 19, 1956

13764-6 Ezz-thetic Emarcy MG36098

13765 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World MG36108

13766 Woody 'N' You MG36098

13767 Dr. Free-Zee -1 -

-1 Roach overdubs tympani _________________________________________________________________

© Kenny Dorham (trumpet); Sonny Rollins (tenor saxophone); Billy Wallace (piano); George Morrow (bass), Max Roach (drums)

Capitol Studios, LA, March 18, 1957

JB1-10 I'll Take Romance Emarcy SR80002

15176-6 It Don't Mean A Thing Emarcy (J) 195J-39

15177 Blues Waltz SR80002

15178-5 Love Letters (J) 195J-39 ______________________________________________________________________

(D) same as ©. Capitol Studios, LA, March 20, 1957

JB5-7 Little Folks Emarcy SR80002

15188-10 Minor Trouble (J) 195J-39

JB7-4 Valse Hot SR80002 ________________________________________________________________________

(E) same as ©.

Capitol Studios, LA, March 21, 1957

JB8 Lover Emarcy SR80002

Note: The first chorus of Roach's drum exchanges with the band was edited out of the mono issue of this performance. The edited mono version has been mistakenly issued as an alternate take. _____________________________________________________________

(F) Kenny Dorham (trumpet); Hank Mobley (tenor saxophone); George Morrow (bass); Max Roach (drums).

Fine Recording, NYC, December 20, 1957

JB158-7 Raoul Emarcy (J)195J-39

JB159-2 This Time The Dream's On Me -

JB160-1 Tune Up -


(G) same as (F).

Fine Recording, NYC, December 23, 1957

JB161-4 Confirmation Emarcy SR80019

JB162-11 Au Privave (as Apres Vous)-1 -

JB163-6 Anthropology (J) 195J-39

JB164-2 Yardbird Suite-1 SR80019

-1 the drum introduction was omitted from the monaural issue of the LP. ________________________________________________________________________________

(H) Kenny Dorham (trumpet); George Coleman (tenor saxophone); Nelson Boyd (bass), Max Roach (drums, tympani).

Nola Recording Studio, NYC, April 11, 1958

JB229-7 Billie's Bounce EmArcy SR80019

JB230-7 Ko-Ko -

JB231-1 Parker's Mood - _____________________________________________________________

(I) Booker Little (trumpet); George Coleman (tenor saxophone); Eddie Baker (piano); Bob Cranshaw (bass), Max Roach (drums).

Universal Recording, Chicago, June 3, 1958

16982 Shirley (mono take) EmArcy MG36132

JB323 Shirley (stereo take) EmArcy SR 60128

16983 Memo: To Maurice (mono take) EmArcy MG36132

JB324 Memo: To Maurice (stereo take) EmArcy SR 60128

JB325 Stella By Starlight -

JB326 Sporty -

16986 My Old Flame (mono take) (omit ts) EmArcy MG36132

JB327 My Old Flame (stereo take) (omit ts) EmArcy SR 60128

JB328 Stompin' At The Savoy (omit tp) -

16987 Stompin' At The Savoy (mono outchorus) (omit tp) EmArcy MG36132

Note: Stompin' At The Savoy was assembled by splicing on an ending from a take other than the master. That edit is made in different places on the mono and stereo master tapes, so that the mono-LP edition has one brief passage (index 2 of mono outchorus) that differs from the stereo-LP edition.


(J) Booker Little (trumpet); Ray Draper (tuba); George Coleman (tenor saxophone); Art Davis (bass), Max Roach (drums)

Newport Jazz Festival, Rhode Island, July 6, 1958

Spoken introduction by Max Roach previously unissued

JB343 La Villa EmArcy SR80010

JB344 A Night In Tunisia -

JB345 Deeds, Not Words Mercury (J)195J-42

JB346 Minor Mode EmArcy SR 80010

JB347 Tune Up -

JB342 Love For Sale -1 -

-1 recorded at an unknown studio in the summer of 1958 ______________________________________________

(K) Booker Little (trumpet); Julian Priester (trombone); George Coleman (tenor saxophone); Art Davis (bass), Max Roach (drums).

Fine Recording, NYC, January 22, 1959

JB454-9 Lepa Mercury


JB455-7 Connie's Bounce -

JB463-5 Prelude -1 -

JB464-11 Bemsha Swing -

JB465-5 Tympanalli -2 -

JB466-4 There's No You -3 -

JB467-7 A Little Sweet -

-1 arranged by Bill Lee

-2 Max Roach (tympani) overdubbed. Overdub take 12 was used.

-3 arranged by Booker Little

Note: It is likely that some of this music was recorded at an early February session. ______________________________________________________________________________

(L) Max Roach Five: Tommy Turrentine (trumpet); Julian Priester (trombone); Stanley Turrentine (tenor saxophone); Bob Boswell (bass); Buddy Rich Five: Willie Dennis (trombone); Phil Woods (alto saxophone); John Bunch (piano); Phil Leshin (bass); Rich (drums); Gigi Gryce (arranger, conductor).

Fine Recording, New York City, April 7 & 8, 1959

JB487-6 Yesterdays Mercury SR60133

JB488-3 Limehouse Blues (alternate take) Mercury (J) 826-987-2 (CD)

JB488-7 Limehouse Blues Mercury SR60133

JB489-6 The Casbah (alternate take) Mercury (J) 826-987-2 (CD)

JB489-8 The Casbah Mercury SR60133

JB490-2 Big Foot (first alternate take) previously unissued

JB490-3 Big Foot Mercury SR60133

JB490-7 Big Foot (second alternate take) Mercury (J) 826-987-2 (CD)

JB491-10 Sleep Mercury SR60133

JB492-2 Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye -

JB493-4 Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing) (alternate take) Mercury (J) 826-987-2 (CD)

JB493-8 Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing) Mercury SR60133

JB503-1 Figure Eights -1 -

-1 Roach, Rich (drums) only

Note: The first tune recorded at this session was "Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)". It was never issued and no tape of this tune has survived. ____________________________________________________________________

(M) Tommy Turrentine (trumpet); Julian Priester (trombone); Stanley Turrentine (tenor saxophone); Bob Boswell (bass), Max Roach (drums).

Capitol Studios, NYC, July 21, 1959

PB2167 The More I See You (omit tp, tb) Mercury SR60170

PB2169 Lotus Blossom -

PB2170 Quiet As It's Kept -

PB2171 As Long As You're Living -

PB2173 To Lady -

PB2178 Juliano -

Note: "All The Way" was recorded at this session, but no tape of that performance has survived. This session is dated July 21 because composer Leon Mitchell remembers it being recorded on the day of Billie Holiday's funeral. However, photographer Chuck Stewart's notes show this session to be December, 1959. _____________________________________________________________

(N) Tommy Turrentine-1 (trumpet); Julian Priester-2 (trombone); Stanley Turrentine-3 (tenor saxophone); Ray Bryant (piano), Bob Boswell (bass), Max Roach (drums), Abbey Lincoln-4 (vocal).

Universal Recording, Chicago, October 9 & 10, 1959

PB2672-1 Speak Low (first alternate take) previously unissued

PB2672-2 Speak Low Mercury


PB2672-3 Speak Low (second alternate take) previously unissued

PB2673-1 Never Let Me Go -2 (first alternate take) -

PB2673-2 Never Let Me Go -2 (second alternate take) -

PB2673-7 Never Let Me Go -2 Mercury


PB2674-2 Come Rain Or Come Shine -1 (first alternate take) previously unissued

PB2674-5 Come Rain Or Come Shine -1 (second alternate take) -

PB2674-7 Come Rain Or Come Shine -1 Mercury SR60215

PB2675-2 Namely You -3 -

PB2676-4 Moon-Faced and Starry-Eyed -

PB2677-3 Wild Is The Wind -2 (alternate take) previously unissued

PB2677-4 Wild Is The Wind -2 Mercury


PB2678-2 You're Mine, You -3 (first alternate take) previously unissued

PB2678-4 You're Mine, You -3 Mercury


PB2678-5 You're Mine, You -3 (second alternate take) previously unissued

PB2678-6 You're Mine, You -3 (third alternate take) -

PB2679-1 You're My Thrill -1,3 -

PB2680-2 I Concentrate On You -1,2,3,4 (alternate take) -

PB2680-4 I Concentrate On You -1,2,3,4 Mercury SR60215

PB2681-4 Never Leave Me -1,2,3,4 (alternate take) previously unissued

PB2681-6 Never Leave Me -1,2,3,4 Mercury SR60215 __________________________________________________________________

(O) Tommy Turrentine (trumpet); Julian Priester (trombone); Stanley Turrentine (tenor saxophone); Bob Boswell (bass), Max Roach (drums).

Barclay Studios, Paris, March 1, 1960

PB3241 Petit Dejeuner Mercury


PB3242 Un Nouveau Complet -

PB3243 Parisian Sketches -

The Tower

The Champs

The Caves

The Left Bank

The Arch

Barclay Studios, Paris, March 2, 1960

PB3239 Nica Mercury SR60760

PB3240 Liberte - _______________________________________________________________________


EmArcy MG36098 Max Roach + 4

EmArcy MG36108/SR80002 Jazz in 3/4 Time

EmArcy (Japan) 195J-39 Max Roach + 4 & More

EmArcy SR80019 Max Roach 4 Plays Charlie Parker

EmArcy SR60128 (stereo) Max Roach + 4 on the Chicago Scene

EmArcy MG36132 (mono) Max Roach + 4 on the Chicago Scene

EmArcy SR80010 Max Roach + 4 at Newport

Mercury (Japan) 195J-42 Max Roach + 4 at Newport

Mercury SR60911 The Many Sides of Max

Mercury SR 60133 Rich Versus Roach

Mercury 826 987-2 (CD) Rich Versus Roach

Mercury SR60170 Quiet as It's Kept

Mercury SR60215 Moon-Faced and Starry-Eyed

Mercury SR60760 Parisian Sketches

Original sessions produced by Bob Shad (A-H), Jack Tracy (I,J & L), unknown (K), Max Roach (M,O) and Hal Mooney (N).

Reissue produced by Ben Young

Mastered by Kevin Reeves in 24-bit at Universal Music Studios-East

Research and assembled by Tom Greenwood, Carlos Kase, Bryan Koniarz and Jamie Krents

Notes edited by Peter Keepnews

Special thanks to Muhal Richard Abrams, Samantha Black, John Blanchard, Jim Gallert, Deborah Hay, Nate Herr, Michael Lang, Chuck Mitchell, George Moore, Max Roach, George Russell, Bert Stern, Ken Thomson, Kenny Washington, Mike Wilpizeski, John Wriggle, the Institute of Jazz Studies, the Manhattan School of Music, WKCR-FM, and the staff at Universal Mastering--East

This compilation (p)2000 Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings Inc., Universal City, CA 97608-U.S.A. Manufactured by Universal Music Enterprises. Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Printed in the U.S.A. (OVERALL SELECTION NUMBER XXX XXX XXX X) ©2000 Mosaic Records L.L.C., 35 Melrose Place, Stamford, CT 06902. All rights reserved.

Phone: 203-327-7111/Fax 203-323-3526/e-mail: mosrec@mindspring.com. Web site: www.mosaicrecords.com.

7 CDs - $112.00

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no wonder they're dwindling rapidly. i ordered one roach set and received two...

Hmm, so someone else ordered one and got nothing... :huh:;)

Yep! I was told by Mosaic that the last one had just shipped... :(

Could I have a deal please....?


Edited by ASNL77
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I'll get an early start on that.


Hey! You jumped the gun!!!!!! You'll have people choking on their Cheerios. ;)

Actually, it was right on the money. The set is gone...

I can promise you, I finally ordered mine just before I posted my, er, humorous rebuttal.. and I got the shipping confirmation so PHEW!

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