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Henry Threadgill & Zooid at the Jazz Gallery

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Depends on whether you'd spend a little more time walking or a little more time on the subway.

If you'd rather spend more time walking, just take the 6 train down to Spring street and walk west until you get to Hudson (15 to 20 minutes). I live very close to the 6 train Spring stop, so if you want to walk over together you can give a call.

If you'd rather spend more time on the subway, the way that gets you closest is to take the 6 train NORTH to 51st street, then hop on the E and get off at Spring (different Spring stop). Walk a couple blocks west and you are there.

Yet another way would be to take the 7 east to Times square, take the 1 or 9 down to Canal, walk up Varick to Spring, take a left, walk one blick and you are there. This is the compromise between extra subway and extra walking time.

Edited because I have a knack for saying east when I mean west.

Edited by J Larsen
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This was a FANTASTIC gig, one of the best I've seen in a long time.

J Larsen made the comparison to Miles's electric groups, and I think that's spot on, except with a tuba replacing Michael Henderson and two cellos (one with occasional wah wah and electronics) replacing Cosey and Lucas. As usual, Henry T's alto playing was very intense. Liberty Ellman (who played amplied acoustic guitar), Dana Leong (the wah wah cellist, who doubled on trombone for one tune), and the drummer were also great.

They're playing at the Jazz Gallery on Sunday night as well, so those of you who live in the NYC should definitely check them out.


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Was the drummer Elliot Humberto Kavee or Tyshawn Sorey? Both are fucking killer but different gigs, Threadgill uses different guys. I saw this band in Philly last March and it was a truly transformative expierience. They had a lot of room to spread out in their semi circle with Threadgill at the conductor's podium sometimes conducting but mostly playing sax and flute facing the audience.

I can imagine this was somewhat cramped at the Jazz Gallery but it would be interesting to see that band really up close.

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Phil, I would have said hello, but I didn't see you.

I DID see a really hot woman in the front row, however.


I didn't see you, either, but I think I saw the woman you mentioned. Was she in the front row on the left side? If so, she was very pretty.

The music reminded me also of Arthur Blythe's group in the early 80s. He had alto, guitar, tuba, cello, drums. I saw them live once and they were also smokin'. Threadgill's music was a bit more dense and the second cello/trombone made a difference, but there were some definite similarities too.

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