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Bruce's cancer condition Update

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Hi All,

The latest updates is that I am having my bone scan and CT scan this coming Tuesday, 7/22/08. The results will be sent to my primary physician and my urologist with whom my wife and I will be meeting the following Monday, 7/28/08. While my PSA was a normal rate of 3.7, there was a lump which was defined as Stage B. My Gleason score is 7, which puts me in the intermediate catagory. That catagory also defines which treatments are available.

However, a Stage B and Gleason score of 7 has to be confirmed by a bone and CT scan to determine if the cancer has spread or not. That information is what we will be finding out on 7/28/08. If I remain at the present ratings, it is pretty much assured my cancer growth can be halted, slowed down and most likely killed, thereby affecting a cure by choosing one of a few options that will be available to me.

Thanks for your interest, concern and support.

Bruce W

aka Vibeman27

aka Piston fan

and also your friend and colleague.


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Good luck, Bruce - Alex has it right, a positive attitude is critical. My brother beat his lymphoma, and I truly believe his attitude had a lot to do with it. One way he did it was to embrace any loss of hair from the chemo - when it goes, forget the ball cap, shave your head. It might have helped that he had a head that looked good without hair :cool: but I'll always remember when we walked down the street in Baltimore while he was going to Johns Hopkins for treatment, and a guy coming the other way looked at him and said "I gotta shave my head too". He couldn't tell my brother was extremely ill, he just saw a good looking fashion choice.

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just joining in with the well-wishers. i've had tons of experience with the disease, both personally and with friends and family. i also know of lots of wonderful outcomes. i actually worked at a Wellness Community years ago which is a support group for people and their families who are fighting for their recovery. and, yes, i will also join the crowd who believes that "attitude" is an important factor. here's to a complete remission/recovery for you, Bruce!

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