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Happy Birthday DukeCity!

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Is Garduno's still there?

The Cooperage?

Bob Farley Music?

Or was that all last century?

Either way, Happy Birthday!

Garduño's is still here, although the Garduño family had financial problems a few years ago and are no longer the owners.

Cooperage is still here. When I moved here in '95 it was pretty much exclusively Salsa bands 2-3 nights a week. Some other styles now, and a fair amount of Salsa DJ stuff.

Bob Farley Music closed in '91, and he passed in '04. I still hear folks mention it. Sounds like it was a good shop.

Plenty of folks here still living in the last century...

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Cooperage used to be a blues bar. I worked there regularly with a band called The Vipers. Glad to hear they're still open, and at least they're providing music for an audiences. A lot of places aren't either one,...

Sorry to hear about Bob Farley...I taught there when I was in town, and always got obscenely good deals from the place. The manager was a trumpeter named Pancho Romero, and he, with the store's full backing, put together the Albuquerque Jazz Orchestra, which was a fun gig. No idea if either Pancho or the AJO are still around. Farley himslef was sort of a patron type guy, opened a gallery and made it a point to always have jazz gigs at every opening, plus opened it up as a rehearsal space for people he (or Pancho) trusted. Good guy for a musician to know, for sure.

Also sorry to hear about the whole Garduño's thing. When they first opened they were a BIG deal, the first real "upscale" SW cuisine place in the area in terms of "trappings". The food was really good too, although I understand it didn't take them too much loner after we left (1984) to devolve into a profitable mediocre consistency.

And what's really funny is that when I was living there, a fair number of people were also trying to live in the last century!

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Pancho spent several years teaching at a college in Oklahoma, and maybe 10 years ago moved to Las Cruces to teach trumpet and jazz at NMSU.

AJO is still going. I've been playing in the band since I moved here, and have been leading it for the last couple of years.

Bill Wood told me about the Vipers. He retired from UNM a few years ago, and doesn't play much that I know of, but I see him occasionally, and he's still doing some composing.

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My best to both those guys, please! And good to hear that the AJO is surviving (and hopefully thriving).

Bill was a consistently fun hang, very smart about a lot of things, but he hadn't heard much post-bop jazz and loved to listen to sides and commentate. There was very little of it that he was not enthusiastic about, especially form a theoretical standpoint, which in that town at that time placed him in a distinct minority. He might not always have gotten the "what" or the "why", but he always go the "how", and I was needing all of that that I could get.

Also a huge baseball fan, and as you'd expect, a smart one as well. I don't know how old he is now, but I went out with him and his sons for some sandlot baseball one Sunday afternoon and almost didn't make it back. The Good Doctor was a significantly better pitcher than he let on...

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