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Happy Birthday king ubu!!!

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Thanks a lot, everyone!

One of the gifts I just got is a night at the Schaffhausen Jazzfestival! Mêre ubu will join the proceedings as the parade will be off to catch:

- Omri Ziegele Where’s Africa Trio (with Irène Schweizer & Makaya Ntshoko)

- Miniatur Orchester (led by sax player Araxi Karnusian - check her out, she's good! Her website's down, but a sample can be found here: http://www.yvp-music.de/3147.htm)

- Malcolm Braff Voltage (with Patrice Moret & Marc Erbetta)

Looking forward to that! Malcolm Braff is a treat each time, and I've not nearly seen Ms Schweizer as often as I should have!

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Thanks a lot everyone!

Bad luck day losing (well it's not lost, but it did fall out) my effing temporary front tooth during birthday dinner in the restaurant tonight... yawn... as if this whole darn thing of having to replace a tooth that's been dead for (by now about) two thirds of my life and had seen lots of work done with an implant isn't enough (it will take most of this year it seems). Ah well, other than that I'm doing fine and have no major trouble to complain about... so that's that...

Guess I'll look *much* worse than Lauren Hutton tonight...


... but then I always do, anyway :crazy:

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