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HORACE PARLAN on Steeplechase...

Jim R

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For some time, I've been meaning to track down more of Parlan's work (especially as a leader) on Steeplechase, as well as a few other labels such as Enja, Soul Note, and Storyville. I tried a search here for discussions about this, but only came up with two threads- one about his Blue Note recordings, and one about the Mosaic issue of same. So, I'd like to hear some comments about Parlan's work for other labels, from the 70's forward.

I have the following by Horace as a leader:

ARRIVAL (with Idrees Sulieman-trumpet, flugelhorn, Bent Jaedig-tenor, Hugo Rasmussen-bass, Ed Thigpen-drums)

NO BLUES (with N.H.O.P.-bass, Tony Inzalaco-drums)

HI FLY (with Doug Raney-guitar, Wilbur Little-bass)

All are outstanding, with NO BLUES being my current favorite. It dates from 1975, and everyone seems to be at the peak of their powers. Great playing by all, and excellent sound. Parlan sounds so comfortable with whatever material he selects, and this one has a nice overall balance of intensity, relaxed swing, and utter loveliness. On top of that, N.H.O.P. always grabs me, perhaps more than any other bassist of that era.

I'm especially interested in hearing more p/b/d trios, as well as piano solos. Anybody out there have some of his other titles?

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