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favorite female JAZZ artist??


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Guest Bill Barton

Or, Reptet's Samantha Boshnack- fine trumpet and fine arrangements, too!


In particular, her solo on Harpo from Reptet's "Do This!" always gets me. :rsmile:

As mentioned earlier, Mary Halvorson (Dragon's Head is fantastic), and Ingrid Jensen.

A big :tup to the mention of Samantha, who is a hell of a writer too. Some of the projects she's involved with outside Reptet make it clear that she's a remarkably versatile player as well.

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Joelle Leandre, probably the most interesting improv bassist today (only Barre Phillips is in the same league, IMHO).

Lotte Anker and Co Strieff are both very interesting saxophonists.

India Cooke is quite an original on violin. I wonder if she is still active.

Quite a few females in the London improv scene (well represented on EMANEM label).

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Alice Coltrane

Lotte Anker (dig her trio CDs with Craig Taborn & Gerald Cleaver)

Kris Davis (do not sleep on her, no pun intended)

Allison Miller (check out Miller's recording with Melford & Scheinman)

Jenny Scheinman

Myra Melford

Sylvie Courvoisier

Abbey Lincoln

Melba Liston

Okkyung Lee (cello)

Mary Halvorson

Jessica Pavone (viola)

Sara Schoenbeck (bassoonist with Adam Rudolph's GO: Organic Orchestra, Wayne Horvitz's Gravitas Quartet)

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If we're staying away from vocalists, here are some previously unmentioned female jazz musicians (that I think are better than Diana Krall):

Emily Remler

Cindy Blackman

Sylvie Courvoisier

Susie Ibarra

Jenny Scheinman

Jutta Hipp

Anat Cohen

oh yeah, and:

Ruby Braff

Tina Brooks

Gigi Gryce

Valery Ponomarev


I always liked Sal Nistico and Jackie McLean too. Oh and Clare Fischer :mellow:

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Pianist Jessica Williams, rather overlooked in my view (I now see that RDK mentioned her near the beginning) .

I'd just dropped back into this thread to make sure Jessica had been mentioned. I grew up beneath her piano at the old Keystone Korner in San Francisco, where she was "house pianist" for quite some time.

One of the greatest pianists alive today imo. I just got her new cd, a tribute to John Coltrane with her current trio of Dave Captein and Mel Brown and it is superb.

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I'm a big fan of Aurora Nealand, a New Orleans saxophonist who plays all kinds of jazz and other music. I've heard her most often with the Panorama Jazz Band, one of my favorite N.O. bands, but she has recently formed her own trad jazz band, The Royal Roses, and plays with the avant-garde free improvisers in the city. She hasn't recorded much so far - the only albums I know about are Come Out Swinging by the Panorama Jazz Band, 17 Days by the Panorama Brass Band, and one track on Tom McDermott's New Orleans Duets.

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