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Black Rhythm Happening!


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This is supposed to be coming out domestically on an indie label soon. Anyone remember the exact details? I thought this and Ghetto Music were supposed to be released very soon.

Okay, I see that the domestic CDs and LPs are going to come out on May 30. I can't find the label they're being released on right now, but I distinctly recall that it is a small label and that it's not Blue Note.

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It's listed as a new release on Blue Note in the UK this month-presumably a Rare Groove. Buyers should treat with caution though. I don't think I have ever had any urge to play it again since I bought the lp when it first came out. Ditto Ghetto Music. It's those voices.

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I hear ya. . .but I like those voices. I like the voices on "Lift Every Voice" by Hill and the unreleased session included on the Conn. I like the Sun Ra voices. So these are all in the same vein. I like the two Gales and will be on the lookout for the reissue of Ghetto Music on cd. . . .

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I checked out the link Kari provided. (Thanks)

It's Rare Groove Heaven. I definitely have to figure out where to get these babies.

I guess I'll start at Dusty Groove. Yesterday, I ordered the Ronnie Foster, Eddie Gale, Alphonse Mouzon and Gene Harris. Didn't see any others, but I didn't know what to look for either.

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Easy, easy, people... :P

I'd reconsider getting that Mouzon disc... Have you actually heard it? Mouzon was (is) a great drummer and played on some classic groove dates (Hancock's for example) but Mind Transplant is a very guitar-heavy session, almost rock. I just recently listened to the LP for the first time and it wasn't really my bag. Although AMG has given it a cool 4,5 stars. <_<

How about those two Grant Greens? Has anyone heard 'em? Carryin' On was reissued as a Rare Groove and The Final Countdown was supposedly a soundtrack (??).

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Well my discs arrived today from Dusty Groove. What super service! Order Tuesday, confirm Wednesday, arrive Friday. Not bad.

I've given the discs the once over. If nothing else, they are definitely "of the period'. They've definitely got that early 70s sound.

The first one I listened to was the Gale. I had no idea who Gale is and had never heard a lick of his music. Never checked AMG, just sort of took a flyer on this one. I was expecting a sort of jazzy soul/groove Donald Byrd sort of thing. What I got was something that nearly knocked my socks off. Nice record. Very adventurous and I dig the vocals too. I'll definitely have to give this some more listens.

Then I went on the the Mouzon. Blistering guitar work and occasionally over the top fusion style drumming. Not that that's a bad thing. You just have to be ready and/or in the mood. Kari's right, sounds a lot more like a rock album in many places. There are some real nice moments as well.

On to the Foster. Definitely my favorite of the bunch so far. AMG characterized this album as Ronnie Foster plays hits of the 70s. True in a lot of respects. He does a knock-out version of "Me and Mrs Jones". Very Nice. "Where Is The Love" and "Alone Again, Naturally" (even with the sitar) are also highlights of the first listen.

I've got Gene Harris "Nexus" on now. The first two songs were not bad except for the annoying high pitched synth that played the lead and solos. The next few tunes haven't been bad. There's a few nice soulful tracks with the feel that you'd expect Harris could generate in this setting. I remember when I was a teenager thinking that the synthesizer sound was so excellent. 30 years later, it doesn't sound so great.

One complaint about these is that the liner notes, the song titles and artist information is printed in microscopic size lettering on the back of the removable booklet. Open it up, and there's nothing inside. Would have been nice to print them in a readable size on the inside.

In summary, if you plan on picking these up, expect and be ready for some hard core 70s style (and sound) soul/funk/jazz. I happen to dig that thing as I grew up in that period. It's sort of a retro/nostalgia thing for me. But this might not be for everyone.

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