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Sax / Bass Duo Recordings


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I'm hoping to have a high speed internet connection in a few days that I can use to download a bit of new music, and I'm interested in sax / bass duo recordings.

I've got a few that I can think of...

...Archie Shepp/NHOP

...Archie Shepp/Richard Davis

...Stephen Riley/John Brown

...Houston Person/Ron Carter

...and certainly a few I'm forgetting

Aside: This will be my first-ever download; we'll have to see if I can actually go through with it. I'm a "physical" kind of guy, when it comes to recordings. But I haven't seen my collection in a couple of years.

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Warne Marsh - Red Mitchell

Oooh. I've got that one too. Memory, memory, BeBop.

And I think I've got some of the Braxton on LP. Think.

Dolphy w. Chuck Israels (Prestige/OJC) - Wasn't aware of this. My old friend/teacher, Chuck Israels.

Ben Webster w. Milt Hinton (Famous Door/Progressive) - Must get this one.

Thanks for all the great recommendations.

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Just to let you know:

Dolphy/Israels - one track ("Hi-Fly) on In Europe Vol. 1

I thought I had this on LP, but I was thinking it was a flute/bass thing.

You're right - My bad. Somehow I had it in my head that Dolphy played bass clarinet on this - and even that isn't a sax. :blush2:

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I like Joe Henderson/Christian McBride on Joe's album "Lush Life: The Music of Billy Strayhorn" (Verve). I really like that whole album but "Isfahan" is the only sax bass duet track. I second whoever recommended the Don Byas/Slam Stewart tracks. "Indiana" and "I Got Rhythm" are on this CD. I found it on vinyl at the record store a while ago but I see Amazon has the CD still, search under "Giants of the Tenor Sax." I believe "I Got Rhythm" is on the "Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz" also. I read the interview with Don Byas in Art Taylor's book "Notes and Tones" and Byas says Art Tatum was a big influence on his playing.

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I absolutely love this one - it's of a freer kind, but it's of stark beauty:



Alphea was formed in Hamburg 1991. The duo has performed in jazz clubs, art galleries and on jazz and contemporary music festivals, playing music structured exclusively by their own concepts.

Hannes Wienert (alto and soprano saxophones, trumpet) studied visual arts. Peter Niklas Wilson (double bass) has performed and recorded with John Tchicai, Marion Brown, Derek Bailey and Anthony Braxton.

12 tracks, total time 62'21

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Few who come in mind:

- Frank Lowe/ Bernard Santacruz: "Short Tales" (Bleu Regard)

- Jemeel Moonoc/ William Parker: "New World Pygmies" (Eremite)

- Steve Lacy/ Joëlle Léandre: "One More Time" (Leo)

- Adam Lane & John Tchicai: DOS (CIMP)

- Ivo Perelman & Dominic Duval: "Nowhere To Hide" (Not Two)

- Anthony Braxton/ Chris Dahlgren: "ABCD" (Not Two)

- John Butcher & John Edwards: "Optic" (Emanem)

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There are a few CDs of Braxton duos with bassists: with Mario Pavone (on Music & Arts), with Peter Niklas Wilson (on Music & Arts too, I think) and with John Lindberg (on Cecma, probably OOP). I haven't listened to them in ages, but I recall they were all good.

There are two discs of Peter Kowald's duos on FMP, they include a few tracks with saxophonists (Parker, Broetzmann, etc.).

Leandre's duo with Lacy is quite weak IMHO, a more interestign one is "Gyor" with Akosh S. Thay have one more duo CD out on Leo, but I have not heard it.

This Shepp / Davis duo on Enja ("Body and Soul" it's called, I think) is outstanding.

If you consider electric bass worth your attention, there is a beautiful duo of Daniele Camarda and Gianni Gebbia out there.

Some more: Julius Hemphill / Abdul Wadud "Live in New York" (Red). Wadyd is laying cello, but more or less the way one would play bass. THis is ny favorite Hemphill disc.

Time Berne / Michael Formanek "Ornery People" (Little Brother) - very strong.

Vinny Golia has a few duo discs with Bertram Turetzky and Ken Filiano. Have them, don't remember of they are good. The good one though is Golias trio with two bassists, JOelle Leandre and Barre Phillips - "haunting the spirits inside them..." (Music & Arts).

Matt Bauder / Jason Ajemian - "Object 3" (Locust) is deifnitely worth having - a lot of long saxophone tones and arco playing there.

Sadly OOP is a beautiful duo of Domonic Duval / Mark Whitecage "Rules of Engagement. Vol. 1" on Drimala. Get it while you can.

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