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All In The Family

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Am I dumb or is this too obvious: Kenny Drew (1928-1993) and Kenny Drew Jr. (1958-Present), father and son.

One for Randy that I don't think was mentioned:

Brecker? Was mentioned yesterday...

I was referring to Randy Marsh. He and Eddie Marshall were both Bay Area drummers at one point.

:lol: :lol:

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Danny Alvin (dms), father of Teddy Walters (g)

Skidmore, Jimmy (father) and Alan (son), both ts

Assunto, Jacob (father) and Frank + Fred (sons)

Barnard, Bob (tp) and Len (dms), brothers

Barone, Mike (tb) and Gary (tp), brothers

Benford, Tommy (dms) and Bill (tuba), brothers

Jimmy Blanton and Wendell Marshall, cousins

Buckner, Milt (p, org) and Ted (as), brothers

Byrd, Charlie (g) and Joe (b), brothers

Chris Columbus (father) and Sonny Payne (son), both dms

Jackson, Chubby (father) and Duffy (son)

Morrison, James (tp, tb, p) and John (dms), brothers

Pyne, Mick (p) and Chris (tb), brothers

Royal, Ernie (tp) and Marshal (as), brothers

Wilson, Gerald (father) and Anthony (son)

Zottola, Glenn and Bob (both tp), brothers

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Skidmore, Jimmy (father) and Alan (son), both ts

My jazz listening career is now spanning the generations! Saw Jimmy with Humphrey Lyttelton (and Jimmy Rushing) at Leeds Town Hall in 1957/8 and Alan with Peter King at the Wigan Jazz Festival in about 2002.

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