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Wu Ming 1 - The New Old Thing


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Today I bought a thing. (Not something I do often.) It was intriguing. I figured it would have ample amusement value to cover its small price tag. It’s a small book cum CD. The cover is in at least three languages. It says, among other things:

Wu Ming 1

The New Old Thing

A Free Jazz Anthology

Written and selected by Wu Ming 1

CD Edited by LANKOV (rough translation from Cyrillic)

Con testo italiano/inglese


I can make out most of this. So I did some research on Wu Ming and the WuMing Foundation. Now I know a little, but would appreciate any comments or elucidation from the enlightened folks here.


Wikipedia (which doesn't mention this item)

Wu Ming Biography (in English)

Liner Notes

Get yours on eBay.

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Weird, my friend was just visiting from Barcelona, and he recommended this just a couple days ago. Apparently Q and 54 are the most popular novels. He liked Manituana, too. You can download many of their works from their site here:


Not all in English, including the other jazz-related one New Thing (not the CD compilation), but if you know Italian, Spanish, or French, go for it!

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I've read and thoroughly enjoyed both Q and 54. Both are very readable and I'm looking forward to Manituana. Q is set in Reformation Europe and does not shy away from the violence of the era. 54 is an intriguingly plotted tale of espionage behing the "iron curtain". Neither betrayed to me that they were the product of more than one authorial voice.

Members of the collective recently spoke at my (very small) local bookshop as a statement of support for independent booksellers - so they get my vote for that alone.

I didn't know about this ESP tie-in so will be off the bookshop forthwith

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