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Who do you most wish had lived to record 3 more albums?


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I'm surprised to see Lee Morgan mentioned so frequently on this thread.

Well, here's why he's my choice. Listening to the Live at the Lighthouse discs (both versions) and Last Sessions, it seems to me like he was preparing to leave the Sidewinder/Rumproller stuff behind and head into new directions, and I would have really loved to see what those directions were.

Um...I mean "hear"...

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Tommy Turrentine was playing at a high, high level there in the early 60's. Although he appears on several fine Blue Note releases from the period, and could even be considered a kind of co-leader on some of those Parlan and Stan T. dates, I would like to have heard what he would have done on his own with Alfred Lion's support.

3 more? Ed Blackwell.

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Frank Rosolino. He was in his playing prime in '78.

Plus if he'd have been around longer maybe he could have avoided the tragic ending. Who knows.

I'd second that, though Clifford Brown still seems the most formidable choice.

And I liked the idea of Dupree Bolton. He's pretty amazing on "The Fox."


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Nick Drake.

Little more than 90 mins on his three initially released albums.

Nic Jones

A career just reaching its stride with a classic in 'Penguin Eggs', cut short by a terrible road accident that left him unable to continue as a working musician.

As it is the small output of both men has had a huge influence on how guitar is used to accompany British folk music (and beyond, I suspect).

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