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Mosaic End of February Sale


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For our End of February sale, we've selected 10 old friends in our catalog that some of you, especially newer Mosaic customers may have missed along the way. The list brings up a lot of memories for us but all points to the infinite variety and beauty that falls under the heading of jazz.

The Complete Blue Note Hank Mobley Sessions

"This beautifully recorded [Rudy Van Gelder] set makes an overwhelming case for Mobley's insertion into an immortal triumvirate with Trane and Rollins. Not as declamatory as the other two, he nevertheless matches them for inspired improvisation. Additionally his splendid compositions that abound in this set reflect the subtlety of his playing...The string of pianists here is unbelievable and even if there were not so many fine delights from Mobley, the box would be worth buying for Silver, Clark, Timmons and Kelly, all at or near to their best. Which is to say nothing of Farmer, Morgan, Byrd and Hardman...Mosaic specializes in hitting the listener with overwhelming collections of good music. This must be one of their best yet." - Steve Voce, Jazz Journal International

(MD6-181) 6 CDs Regularly $96; Now On Sale For $85

Blue Note Stanley Turrentine Quintet/Sextet Studio Sessions

The six Blue Note dates collected on our new Mosaic set are in a class by themselves; they are pure hard bop in the selection and treatment of the material and in instrumentation with Stanley Turrentine sharing the front line with a trumpet player or trombonist equal to him in talent.

"Stanley Turrentine had a sound. Until his death in 2000, he was the master of a tenor saxophone tone that demanded attention from the first note. A throwback to the brawny tenor stylists of the swing era - Ben Webster, Illinois Jacquet, Don Byas - as well as the funky R & B players of the late '40s and '50s. Turrentine took no prisoners, no matter the tempo." - Steve Futterman, Washington Post

(MD5-212) 5 CDs Regularly $80; Now On Sale For $69

Complete Columbia Recordings Of Woody Herman

And His Orchestra & Woodchoppers (1945 - 1947)

With bassist Chubby Jackson's keen ear, he and Woody were able to hire a core of unknowns who jelled into one of the greatest bands of any era: vocalist Frances Wayne, tenor saxophonist Flip Phillips, trombonist Bill Harris, vibist Margie Hyams and later Red Norvo, a killer trumpet section that included Sonny Berman, Pete Candoli and Ray Wetzel in addition to veteran drummer Dave Tough and key arrangers Ralph Burns and Neal Hefti. No other band sounded like this one; full of verve in fiery solos and brilliant arrangements.

(MD7-223) 7 CDs Regularly $119; Now On Sale For $105

Oliver Nelson: The Verve/Impulse Big Band Studio Sessions

As varied and surprising as they are, Oliver Nelson's compositions are unmistakable, two bars into the tune. There's that signature cluster sound in the woodwinds, playing odd inversions of chords with even odder discordant visitors. Vibrato is W-I-D-E. Crescendos build a tiny, backroom blues combo into a wall of sound. Trumpeters squawk into plungers. And in everything -- even the numbers where every note has been written out for every part -- the drummer is kicking, the saxophones are swinging, and the lead trumpeter is sailing.

(MD6-233) 6 CDs Regularly $102; Now On Sale For $89

The Complete Benedetti Recordings of Charlie Parker

"Fellow pilgrims, the quest for the legendary Dean Benedetti collection has ended. Presented on these 7 CDs, this collection is not for dilettantes. To those, however, who understand and appreciate Parker as a genius, I can unreservedly recommend it." - Ira Gitler, Jazz Times

These are the Benedetti recordings in their entirety, and after 40 years of rumor, speculation and debate, they are at last available to the world. Everything is transferred directly from the original discs and tapes by legendary engineer Jack Towers and coproducer Phil Schaap. The 48-page booklet includes musical transcriptions by Benedetti and others, essays by Phil Schaap on Parker's life during this period, a biography of Dean Benedetti by Bob Porter, a musical analysis by Parker authority James Patrick, and Phil Schaap's complete annotated discography of all the music in the set.

(MD7-129) 7 CDs Regularly $112; Now On Sale For $99

The Complete Django Reinhardt and Quintet of the Hot Club of France Swing/HMV Sessions (1936-1948)

"There are certain figures who are almost impossible to calculate or over-rate, hard even to define, whom no string of superlatives ever quite captures or indicates. Django Reinhardt is one of those figures..." - Stuart Broomer - Coda

These 118 recordings span Django's most productive years, from 1936 to 1948, and feature him performing solo and in duet with Grappelli as well as with the Quintet. The quintet, which included Joseph Reinhardt, Roger Chaput and later Pierre Ferret on guitar and Louis Vola on bass, became internationally known for these exact recordings now available from Mosaic. They reveal Django's power, his melodic abilities, and his skill at achieving, simultaneously, technical precision and deeply meaningful tonal nuances. The booklet includes evocative and historically significant photographs as well as a lengthy text by guitarist-writer Mike Peters on Django's life and his music.

(MD6-190) 6 CDs Regularly $96; Now On Sale For $85

The Verve/Philips Dizzy Gillespie Small Group Sessions

This cache of music by Dizzy Gillespie is material we have long sought after, much of it available for the first time on CD, and some for the first time anywhere. The music represents a time in Dizzy's career when he was peaking creatively. These sessions document unequivocally why Dizzy Gillespie is still considered one of the greatest improvisers in the history of jazz, for his mastery of the instrument, his command of time, his control over musical ideas, and his ability to entertain.

(MD7-234) 7 CDs Regularly $119; Now On Sale For $105

The Complete Capitol Bobby Hackett Solo Sessions

"Long out of print, and, it must be said, neglected by many collectors who should have known better, some of Bobby Hackett's most beautiful recorded work now comes back into view, helping to round out the legacy of a truly great musician" - Dan Morgenstern, original liner notes

Bobby Hackett's 1953-1959 Capitol recordings include quartet sessions with excellent rhythm sections (some with Dave McKenna and Buzzy Drootin) and an unusual and interesting band that Hackett led at the Henry Hudson Hotel in New York City, which included Bob Wilber, Ernie Caceres, Milt Hinton and Dick Cary in a number of standards and originals.

(MD5-210) 5 CDs Regularly $80; Now On Sale For $69

The Complete Roulette Sarah Vaughan Studio Sessions

"Not unlike July Fourth fireworks, bursting forth on 8 CDs you will be easily overpowered as you are swept away to a time (1960-1963) when Sarah was at her most pure and consistent. The transfers are remarkably clean and actually ear shattering. What you will hear is her magnificent timing, intonation and great harmonic sense throughout. The selections range from a fine mix of jazz and classic popular songs. In all there are 13 albums and 28 rare and unobtainable singles which are here for the collector and all knowing vigilant fan." - Dan Singer, In Tune International

(MD8-214) 8 CDs Regularly $128; Now On Sale For $109

The Complete Roulette Jack Teagarden Sessions

He was a musician beyond category, admired by critics, musicians and listeners alike for the gorgeous, delicate solos he fashioned in the trombone's upper register, working his slide with a loping gait all his own. While many musicians appreciated his gift, none could approach his uncomplicated virtuosity, his clarity of musical thought, and his graceful phrasing. A night in July 1959 will be the most telling legacy of the Jack Teagarden sextet with trumpeter Don Goldie, clarinetist Henry Cuesta, pianist Don Ewell, bassist Stan Puls and drummer Ronnie Greb. Twenty-one new discoveries have been added to the original eight performances on Teagarden's "At The Roundtable" album.

"The immaculate execution of either free ensembles or written arrangements, the emphasis on cleanness, the balance of hot and pretty - this group could well have written the contemporary Dixieland book." - Jim Leigh, The Mississippi Rag

(MD4-218) 4 CDs Regularly $68; Now On Sale For $59

Mosaic Singles

End of February Sale

All Singles Sale Priced at $12 Each!

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I have my eye on the Dizzy Gillespie and the Bobby Hackett sets. Actualy this sale comes a month too soon for me but I just might squeeze one of them in.

Allready in my collection:

Oliver Nelson

Woody Herman

Charlie Parker

Django Reinhardt

Jack Teagarden

I'm not too fond of Sarah and more a Verve than a Blue Note man so I give those sets a mis.

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My Rich/Smith order is still open because the third bit of it (Carter/Bradford) is still on backorder... just sent them an email to please add the Sarah Vaughan to that order! Hope that works!

I have the Nelson and Dizzy (euro-mosaics) as well as the Mobe, Django and Tea - the others I eventually want.

After my (still running) BFT, I have finally decided to get the Hackett as well, in the end!

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Indeed! Hope everyone around here has got his/her copy on the shelf at home!

A truly wonderful set!

Just got confirmation that they can still add the Sassy to my order - loads of listening ahead (and I've still got another few as of yet unheard Mosaics... but I guess carpe diem is what applies here... if I have the means and the price is right, I'll jump ahead and buy, not to regret later!)

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I need to put in an order for Buddy Rich so this might be a good time to also grab the Django, or the Sarah Vaughan. Any recommendations?

My advice is to get the Django, especially if your Django holdings are slim. Great set. I like the Sarah set less. . . .

But do think of the Frémeaux route... for about three times 60-70€ (plus some taxes, obvsiously), you'll get ALL Django.

Not saying I regret having the Mosaic, of course, but just in case... me, I just ordered "Saison 3" from the Frémeaux boxes, amazon.fr has a good price for it these days!

Also I dimly remember some complaints about the Django Mosaic regarding sound quality? I guess for those who complained, some of the JSP sets were a better alternative? Don't remember the details, but to my not-so-picky ears, the Mosaic and the Frémeaux releases sound good.

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For me, the three essential sets here are Dizzy, Django, and Mobley. The Bird set is too fragmentary for me, but others may disagree. In the realm of the very good sets are the Stanley Turrentine and Oliver Nelson. The others I can live without, and this sale is probably not enough to make me change my mind.

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I think the Turrentine has some of his best work for the label, IMHO. He's better known for his soul-jazz sides, but many of these more straight-ahead dates are mighty good.

Years ago, I had kind of written off Stanley as merely a one-trick pony (at that point all I'd heard was his soul-jazz stuff). Then I got Dizzy Reece's "Comin' On" and Duke Jordan's "Flight To Jordan" within just a few days of each other, and I was sold. Those two totally changed my impression of Turrentine.

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I need to put in an order for Buddy Rich so this might be a good time to also grab the Django, or the Sarah Vaughan. Any recommendations?

My advice is to get the Django, especially if your Django holdings are slim. Great set. I like the Sarah set less. . . .

Thanks Jazzbo. I've got a partial of the Django Mosaic and like what I've heard. Time to get the full set I think. The Sarah Vaughan can maybe wait for another time. Sounds like I also need to add a Jimmy Witherspoon single into the box too !

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The Mobley and the Django are two I've been procrastinating over ever since I bought my first Mosaic more than 10 years ago. Their time has come at last.

Also threw in the Lloyd and Witherspoon singles, the remaining two that I don't have (aside from the Helen Merrills).

And to think I was just getting on top of my backlog...

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I have all of them except the Django, Parker and the Hackett so I have some choices to make (I REALLY, REALLY can't order all of them...I'm overcoming my Mosaic addiction...). With that said, of the sets on sale, the only one I kind of regret getting, is the Sarah Vaughan. I LOVE Sassy, but the Mosaic set has never really clicked for me.

I would highly suggest the Mobley and Turrentine sets. The Mobley, I consider ESSENTIAL. :tup

The Herman was a pleasant surprise. I am an Ellington and Basie devotee, and I found the Herman set amazing. Sound quality is stunning, the arrangements are top notch and creative and the band is stacked with great players!

The Oliver Nelson set may not be everyones cup of tea, but look at the names in the bands. Phil Woods, Snooky Young, Joe Newman, Grady Tate, on and on! Again, superb recording quality and players. Oliver Nelson was a genius and if you are on the fence, I play this set often. :w

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This might be the time I finally get the Benedetti. I had the Nelson, listened to it a couple times, then sold it. Some of it was kind of interesting, but listening to the tracks with JFK's speeches was like being forced to swallow my own vomit.

For me, I skip the JFK speeches and get to the music (which is beautiful..the Phil Woods 3/4 waltz ballad...beautiful). I agree though, kind of weird.

Let us know what you think of the Benedetti set when you get it!!!

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