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Dear All, I would like to start a thoughtful discussion of what rare jazz no longer available on CD or never available on CD should be reissued. For example my next reissue will be Julius Hemphill, Dogon A.D. That is a great example of something sorely needed. And I'm working on trying to secure the rights to Carter/Bradford on Flying Dutchman. Right now that is a mess. But that's another story.

I would very much like to hear the intelligent suggestions of those on this forum, as the collective experience is vast. It is not an easy decision and of course many of the choices are obviated as most great jazz is available on CD. Most not all.

I look forward to a studied consideration of this from everyone reading this.

Thanks so much.


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Here are some I would like to see on CD (don't know if you can get to these labels):

1) Grachan Moncur III - Echoes Of Prayer (JCOA)

2) Grachan Moncur III - Shadows (Denon)

3) Joe Chambers - Piano Solo (title?) (Denon)

4) Joe Chambers/Larry Young: Double Exposure (Muse)


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Any of these, but (at least for me) especially "Of Human Feelings" (which was out only very briefly on CD in Japan 20+ years ago)...

Ornette at 12 (1969) & Crisis (1972) [both on Impulse]

Of Human Feelings (1982), Opening the Caravan of Dreams (1985), & Prime Design\Time Design (1986)

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The first one especially (I have it only vinyl, and love it! - never on CD, legit or otherwise) -- but both really (since the only CD issue of the second one is not legit)...


Sun Ra Quartet: "Other Voices, Other Blues" (Horo) and "New Steps" (Horo)

There's a third Sun Ra 'horo' that's a little less priority (to me), "Unity", but the other two are rare quartet sessions.

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It's a hard question to answer, as we all have our favourites we'd like to see back in print but for anyone issuing a CD a general consensus probably matters more. It's got to sell after all , otherwise his next reissue might be his last.

So with that in mind I'd suggest ...... Joe Daley Trio at Newport (RCA) and Hadley Caliman- Iapetus-(Mainstream) . I don't know the latter but judged by it's reputation it might be worthy of consideration

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I would like to see Sony/Columbia release the following LPs as CDs. Some of the LPs have been released as CDs by European labels but a high-quality Sony release would be much appreciated by Brubeck fans.

1. At Storyville (has been re-issued by Fresh Sound Records)

2. Blues Roots with Gerry Mulligan

3. In Amsterdam

4. Jackpot

5. Jazz Impressions Of The U.S.A. (has been re-issued by Gambit Records)

6. Last Time We Saw Paris

7. The Riddle (has been re-issued by Solar Records combined with Southern Scene)

8. Tonight Only! with Carmen McRae (has been re-issued by 101 Distribution)

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Over the years there have been some Mosaic sets now long out of print whose music has (for the most part) not been released on CD. In addition to the fact that many people don't have the money to buy seven full price CDs at a time very often, I believe that there is today more appreciation for some of the music than there was when Mosaic issued their boxes.

So I would suggest music from the following Mosaic boxes:

Maynard Ferguson

Thad Jones/Mel Lewis

Charles Brown

Thelonious Monk Black Lion

Count Basie Roulette

Gerald Wilson

Tal Farlow

Johnny Smith

Dinah Washington

Johnny Richards

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Sonny Simmons - Rumasuma

the Harold Land albums on Mainstream

the John Klemmer Impulse's (before he went commercial)

some of the Live Archie Shepp stuff from the early-mid 70's

The Max Roach stuff with Billy Harper

the Billy Harper on MPS

Hannibal Marvin Peterson

Jazz Contemporaries - Reasons in Tonality on Strata-East

missing Prince Lasha titles

Elvin Jones - Coalition (and other Blue Note titles)

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Yeah, any of the Dutch Fontana titles would be great, but prying them out of Alan Bates' hands would be mighty difficult I would think.

I was pretty sure that Spiritual Infinity was a mass of aborted takes and nothing complete exists.

Somebody was going to do the Colbeck a few years ago but I guess it fell through. Fine LP. The Marzette on Savoy is a good idea because a lot of people want to hear it, but it's not exactly earth-shattering music. The Patty Waters track is by far the best.

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A couple of Sun Ra's that would be great to see reissued:

Universe In Blue


Astro Black


Jack Teagarden - Jack Teagarden!! (Verve 8495)


Jack Teagarden - Shades Of Night


Willie Smith - Best Of Willie Smith Alto Saxophonist Supreme


Dave Brubeck Trio Featuring Gerry Mulligan - Compadres


Gerry Mulligan - Feelin' Good


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Yes, I think Marion Brown in general is very underrepresented on compact disc right now. I'd try to reissue anything by him that has not been on CD, or has not been in that format for many years.

Although it's nice to have original cover art, a Marion Brown Mosaic Select would be awesome. Perhaps his work with Gunter Hampel (although technically that spans several LPs), or the 1970s Jean Toomer trilogy on Impulse.

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