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Django Bates: On Jazz Library today

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Bates played two storming concerts at Cheltenham last week; a particularly strong larger band set of pieces.

He's not to everyone's taste - can be zany, very busy (with tunes changing gear with the speed of a Bugs Bunny cartoon), irreverant towards 'tradition'. But I was struck in his solo performance last week at just how distinctive his sound is. We've a crop of excellent young pianists in the UK at present but they all seem to come from a similar mould (one honourable exception being this board's Alexander Hawkins). Bates just seems to be somewhere else.

Worth a listen if you ever enjoyed Loose Tubes, the various Human Chain line-ups or Bill Bruford's original earthworks.

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I notice the Django Bates biggish-band concert (or part of it) from this year's Cheltenham is being broadcast on Jazz on 3. The highlight of this year's festival for me, so will be interesting to se how it comes across at home. Think it was broadcast a while back but I missed it. 'Another chance to listen to...' (BBC-speak for 'Repeats') is not always a bad thing.

There's also a Food concert from 2010 which I also attended. Recall not being too engaged by that, despite being an admirer or Iain Ballamy. Will be interesting to see how that sounds in retrospect.


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