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2011 Vision Festival Schedule

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I'll be there Wednesday through Saturday, my fifth year attending. The tribute to Billy Bang will be a somber occasion, as he had been a mainstay at the festival during the past few years. Our favorite paparazzo, Mark Sheldon, will also be there. If you're interested in hanging out or just meeting to say "hi", send me a PM.

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what a great line-up. Dawn of Midi and that Stanko quartet stand out from the names I kind of expected to see, but hey, I'd jump at all of them.

It's about this time each year I wish i lived in NYC not this side of the pond.

Enjoy y'all

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Herr Brotzmann was Brotzmann

a fine night of fire music but for me the highlight was 'Pulverize the Sound' with the *great* Peter Evans on trumpet. With a wild man on electric bass - Tim Dahl and the extraordinary Mike Pride on the drums.

Most in the crowd didn't know what hit them - not what you would expect at Vision Fest - for me composed tunes and improvisation with a Crimson like raunch. the bass sounded often like a guitar and Evans to my ears is simply the greatest trumpeter I have ever heard in person.

other highlights - Mars Williams on soprano, the *great* Kent Kessler who grooves like a mad man - and if Love was miked better - not a good stage for the drums - a fine performance despite that sound limitation. Vandermark excelled where he always does - that groove based improv/spontaneous tune thing he does - the best parts of the sets were when Brotz stayed out and then joined the onslaught. The ending was almost like the end of Machine Gun - all cylinders cooking - and Brotz jumped, landed and it was over.

highlight form the first set were the dual basses of Parker and Revis - Revis especially impressed. McPhee was not given the room to breath to my mind - and his sound was enveloped by the German.

fine vibraphone player - and parts of the set were very inspired.

still miss the big band with tunes but a fine memorable night indeed.

Die Like a Dog, baby

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There was some great music last night, but goddamn it was hot in there (especially up in the balcony; easily 110 degrees up there). I'm a little on the fence for tonight. One the one hand, it is always fun to see Kid Jordan play, and the Shipp/Parker set should be incredible. On the other hand, that is a long walk home through a forecasted thunderstorm.

Definitely going tomorrow night for David S. Ware.

Does anyone know why there is such a long break in the schedule between Kid Jordan and Shipp/Parker tonight?

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arrived late on Wed., had to miss the 1st set w/Brotz.-McPhee-2 basses. I'd had a rough week prior to going to NYC (moving furniture, books, lps, etc.) and was so physically beat that I fell asleep at times on Wed. and Thurs. What I heard of Brotz. and Adasiewicz, they were an odd couple together but Jason's attack(s) and harmonies were vivid. Mars Williams and Ken Vandermark sounded a lot like their Witches And Devils group. Kidd Jordan's set was a highlight. He and Dave Burrell responded to each other, Jordan developed a lot of feelings in his hour. And lyrical. The long break between this set and the next were because a dancer who was supposed to dance with Patricia wasn't present, so she cancelled the set. I'd been looking forward to Evan Parker and Matthew Shipp and thought Shipp played especially well at the start, but I nodded off then.

Skipped Friday but heard Saturday and stayed awake this time. Good to hear Burton Greene, he was eventful but not very melodic. Connie Crothers was a power - too bad Richard Tabnik was under-miked, but Crothers seemed to overwhelm him anyway. Rob Brown played some sweet sax among other good music in the Mystery Sextet. It was unusual to hear Sonny Simmons apologize to the audience for his poor playing. Also interesting that they started with 2 Monk songs and that Francois Tusques was so Monkish. Actually, his solo "sonata" and one of the duets partly redeemed the set. 16? violins, 3-6? violas, 3? cellos, 6 basses, plus horns and percussion in the Billy Bang pieces - a rousing way to end a festival. Like Slim Gaillard's Sunday jam session on the moon, all wailing at one time. Seriously, now I'd like to see the film about Bang's return to Vietnam.

Missed Steve Swell on Sunday noon but heard Grant Stewart Quartet at Small's Sunday night. A somewhat unusual selection of bop and standards incl. "Theme for Ernie" and Rollins' "Paradox." Stewart was crafty, of course, and got more and more melodic as the evening went on.

Back home now and the workmen are still pounding holes in the walls.

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