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Karl Evangelista/Grex Quintet on Kickstarter


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KE/GQ on Kickstarter!

(video on the link)

Hey, Organissimo-type people. You may or may not have already heard the story, but I'm completing work on a new album (due in the Spring). For those who remember the Grex album I released last Fall, this is a more explicit improv/jazz-oriented companion: a sonic essay on my Filipino-American origins, entitled Suite: Taglish.

This project means a great deal to me as both a personal landmark and a symbol--it's a one time grouping of spectacular musicians (all dear friends--Asian Improv Arts co-founder Francis Wong (Max Roach, Cecil Taylor) on reeds, American Indian music scholar/Grammy winner John-Carlos Perea (Paul Winter) on bass, Bay Area dynamo Jordan Glenn (Wiener Kids, John Schott, Sarah Wilson) on drums, and my partner and Grex bandmate Rei Scampavia on keys), a multicultural gathering meant to reflect the increasingly heterogenous (but strangely personal) character of contemporary jazz. Make no mistake, this isn't "just" free jazz--it's a combination of dozens of musical ideas (straight ahead jazz, rock, Great American Songbook stuff, free improv, IDM) appropriate to my particular cultural experience. It's my hope that exposure for this album will help to open doors and minds for/to the prospect of a new, truly unique Filipino-American music.

Anyway, we're looking for some financial help with the mastering, replication, and packaging. The album is in its final stages of mixing--we just need a push out of the door. As of this posting, we're at roughly 2/3rd of the way there--we have a little over a week left. Absolutely any amount helps, and anything you could contribute (even if it just means telling your friends) would be immensely appreciated. Also, this being a Kickstarter, donors will inevitably receive copies of the CD...

Anyway, (hopefully) you can look for this in the early spring--and thanks for listening!

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