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Warner Japan Jazz Reissues


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The Japanese items that I have bought from this series have also been in "flimsy" jewel cases. Printing hasn't been quite up to the standards of other Japanese series. Mine came from Japan.

Yes, all Japanese reissues I lately got (including plenty Toshiba/EMI ones) had flimsier than usual jewel cases ...

But I'm still confused ... the Mingus I got (the second of his non-playing albums) is not on the list linked above ... so that one is (as I assumed) real Japanese? (Still in flimsier case.)

And about that list, the Rhino reissue(s?) of "Warne Marsh" weren't available in in the UK? Or what kind of bull is that "never been issued before on CD" line there ... nationalist/peninsular crap? Does that exclude CDs available up and down all vendors sites in the western "hemi"sphere (it's more like a 10%-sphere or so, or even less, I guess)? Or was that Marsh really so rare? I thought I'd seen it around, but then having the Mosaic, I didn't need it ...

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Titles previously reissued only by Collectables are much better in this recent series, at least the few I've sampled.

I did not order any of the former Collectibles only titles, or at least do not own those Collectibles.

Partly it's my fault. I should not have tried to upgrade titles already in my collection. Having spent €80 on unsatisfactory product, I'm unwilling to take a chance on any of the other albums in this series.

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At least for the few I've compared on my system (a couple of the Jarretts and a Nat Adderley, I don't find these enough of a difference from the Rhino/Warner digipaks to upgrade. However, they are mostly VERY significant upgrades from the Collectables issues. In particular, the Brubecks, Desmonds, Giuffres, the Kirks, the Farmers, the Jacksons (Milt), and the Harris' are much more detailed and while bright, certainly not ear-splitting by any means. The Lloyds are at least a small upgrade, but I suspect that these weren't recorded too well to begin with. I have enjoyed the Mingus' and Coltranes I've purchased in this series, but can understand if there is a split of opinion on these.

Bottom line: for the price, most of these are a no-brainer.

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On 4/27/2013 at 8:34 AM, Swinging Swede said:

WPCR-27212 Amor! Fabulous Guitar Of Luiz Bonfa

I bought a black-label copy of this LP recently on a whim--I'm a big fan of Atlantic R&B and this colorful cover caught my attention--and I can't stop listening to this cool, guitar instro bossa nova record. I'm trying to find one of these Warner/Japan CDs, but as the few I'm seeing are over $45, I think the Collectibles CD pressing at $10 will have to suffice. Highlight for me is I'll Remember April.

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