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"Jazz For Mad Men: Hits From The 1960s"

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When I was in school in the early '80s in Urbana, there was a good juke box at this campus hangout right next to the Music School where folks would gather before rehearsals and where the big band would play regularly on Tuesdays. (Treno's for any other Univ. of Illinois folks out there.) We used to play Groove Holmes' "Misty" over and over and over. It was the edited single. Just two minutes long but very hip. The manager used to get irritated that we played it so much and one night he was so sick of hearing it for the 10th time or whatever that he literally pulled the plug on the machine for the night. Busted!

Horace's "Song for My Father" was on the box too but in two parts, and if we were light on quarters we'd just play part 2 because that picked right up at Joe Henderson's solo.

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It's not the version that makes a 45 special, it's the mix/mastering. HOT & HARD!!!

Yes, generally a combination of a ballsy mono mix, more compression than the LP version, the wider 45 grooves, and the faster RPMs.

Sometimes mono 45s received a dedicated mix in addition to the mono LP version.

I have old mono 45s that have never sounded as good on mono LP or on CD.

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Exactly. Most of the hit records us "people of a certain age" remember, we remember as sounding like the 45, but we don't have the 45 now, so we spend a lifetime looking for "that sound" and never finding it.

Comb them bins, 10 for a dollar in some places. There "that sound" is.

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