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A friend of mine passed away last week..

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Thanks for that story Quincy. I wonder where they got "Mark" from??

I'm not sure, perhaps due to his "foreign" accent for an Oregon reporter she just assumed he said his r's funny. I noticed the NY Times misspelled the last name of the partner who died previously by dropping the "e" in his last name.

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What a life! I would love to see the documentary. How did you know him?

We were housemates the year that he dropped out of school. It was the beginning of an intense transition period for him - a metamorphosis from Ivy leaguer to complete societal dropout. The change from "David" to "Moth/Mott" made it very difficult to live/be friends w/ him sometimes. Despite all that I still think of Mott as a great guy and a good friend. He was incredibly brilliant and was VERY passionate about social & environmental justice. I know this is going to sound like a cliche but, I truly believe he was someone that would give you the shirt off his back without any thought of getting anything in return.

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