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New boss ramps up jazz for Chicago radio station

ghost of miles

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Trouble is, here on the southeast side of Chicago (including Bronzeville) we can't get WDCB unless we live in tall buildings or have car radios. Fortunately we do have 100-watt WHPK, with 35+ hours of jazz weekly - it can be heard as far as the west-south city limits and it plays a larger variety of jazz than does WDCB.

"...plays a larger variety of jazz than does WDCB."

You can say that again. Also, even within the rather narrow stylistic boundaries that WDCB favors, they're often playing stuff that's fairly lame. This is at once distressing and bewildering -- because within those boundaries a fair amount of lively music still can be found. Can't tell you the number of times I've turned on 'DCB in the car, been treated to several tracks in a row of musical tedium and then turned to sports radio for relief..

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WNUR is an alternative to WDCB. Their jazz programming is on weekday mornings. Like WHPK and unlike WDCB their disc jockeys are not paid, A very small handful are actual [Northwestern] students. I particularly like the show on Mondays- "Writer's Block", a show that has a large variety of jazz.

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