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Ronny Jordan RIP


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His discs were all over the place when I started frequenting music stores (their jazz corners mostly). While I did enjoy some acid jazz back then (Incognito mostly, but some other things as well, Urban Species for instance, also Buckshot LeFonque, Guru/Jazzmatazz, the Brand New Heavies), I don't think I ever consciously heard Jordan play, ever.

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Bought the single of So What at the time and it still gets played now and again. Actually saw a bar band here play the arrangement pretty much note for note in the summer and dug it out only recently.

The other really memorable "musical" anecdote is CJ in the west wing lip-syncing to The Jackal in the West Wing. Its a great track too maybe on youtube (can't search from here , can someone link, Dana Bryant on vocals)?

The acid jazz scene was never really to my taste. Few of the records have stuck with me but I recall some enjoyable nights in the Jazz Cafe and the taste of the DJs (and their continued crate digging) and musicianship of some of the bands was a treat at the time

Way too young.

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