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Miles Davis


Which One Is Your Fav?  

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"it never entered my mind" is a freakin' classic

I agree, and having "in your own sweet way" on the same disc is amazing. Still, trying to pick one of these four albums over the others is like somebody asking me to pick my favorite child (I only have two, but it's still true). They're all absolutely indispensible, IMO.

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Love all of these albums but, like Jonny King says in his book, 'Relaxin' is one of those 'old slippers' albums that you put on and well, relax to.

I think it's because of the mix for me; a few ballads and nice medium up swing stuff. Oleo with it's trumpet and bass section and If I Were A Bell which is near perfect IMO.

I bought Cookin' the same weekend as I caught food poisoning and each time I look at the cover it brings back memories :rfr .

All good stuff.

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For me it's Cookin'. The music on all 4 records is outstanding, but "Cookin'" and the heated quality of the playing, is just something I come back to. When I got all four albums the X-mas before last, "Cookin" was the first I listened to, so that could be a factor in my choice, but "Relaxin" is a close second, the studio chatter is priceless.

::harsh whistle:: Block Chords Red, Block Chords!

and my favorite: (Miles to Bob Weinstock) Okay? Why???!!!! Coltrane: Can I have the beer opener? :D

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So many great moments - impossible to choose one favorite program from these.

I will say that one could learn just about everything one needs to know about the art of chordal accompaniment in hard bop jazz by closely studying Red Garland's playing on "If I Were a Bell." I don't even play piano, but even a dumb weekend guitarist like me can recognize the genius he poured all over that one. Not to mention Coltrane's entry on his solo in the same tune, one of those moments that makes life worth living. Hmmm, the more I talk about this...maybe RELAXIN would be my pick after all, for this one and a few other sublime treatments like their take on "Oleo."

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