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Jazz CD bargains

ghost of miles

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I couldn't find a previous thread for such a topic (single jazz CDs), but if one already exists, moderators, please merge.

Zoot Sims, I WISH I WERE TWINS, $4.31 at Amazon right now:


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Great thread! (Though not so great for my wallet.) I followed ghost of miles's link, and then followed links from there. I didn't know Newbury still had so many reasonably priced Prestige/Concord titles, and all are Amazon Prime (so no shipping charges). I just ordered these:

Sonny Stitt, Legends of Acid Jazz, $4.31

Sonny Phillips, Legends of Acid Jazz, $4.31

Gene Ammons, Up Tight, $7.99

Gene Ammons, Organ Combos, $5.99

Les Spann, Gemini, $5.99

Phil Woods, Early Quintets, $5.99

Sonny Criss, Rockin in Rhythm, $4.31

Willis Jackson, At Large, $5.99

Shirley Scott, Legends of Acid Jazz, $7.26

Willis Jackson, Keep on a Blowin, $4.31

Tal Farlow et al, On Stage, $2.99

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Other bargains that caught my eye:

Zoot Sims and Harry "Sweets" Edison, Just Friends, $5.99

Harry "Sweets" Edison, For My Pals, $5.75

Roy Eldridge, Little Jazz & The Jimmy Ryan All-Stars, $4.31

Roy Eldridge, Decidedly, $4.31

Roy Eldridge/Oscar Peterson/Dizzy Gillespie, Jazz Maturity Where It's Coming From, $4.31

Willis Jackson, Legends of Acid Jazz, $6.99

Scott Hamilton, Back in New York, $4.19

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want me to tell you a not cd-bargain: any of the victor feldman generation band cds, can i please find one for below 65 dollars :rmad:

On Discogs there are two for sale for cheap:


And if you could settle for vinyl, there are even more:


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These newbury comics/amazon things do not make sense. I went through all 1367 pages of the newbury comics link from one of the above alerts and didn't see any of the ones mentioned here, yet they're still there, and god knows what else to go with them. The 1367 pages (I went through them all just to see if I could) have an insanely sloppy # of repetitions, and even though I bout 10 cds, I felt like there's a buttload of shit still there that wasn't there, if you know what I mean. How the hell does one go about getting a clear idea of what newbury comics is offering through Amazon, and how does one bother to care after seeing 1367 pages, about 1368 of them having one or more of the same CDs as the previous 1366?

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