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Happy Belated 11th Birthday to the O-Board


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Just wanted to say happy (belated) birthday to the Big O-Board. I still remember 03/03/03 like it was yesterday... The BNBB was imploding and Jim took the initiative to build us new home here.

Thanks to you, Jim, for all that you do for us. It's clear that you are a man of principles and a man of action... you put yourself out there to set up this board, and I am grateful. This is the best place on the net to talk about jazz (and everything else, it seems).

And, thanks to everyone who makes this a real community (and who ensures that my wallet takes a beating with each recommendation you make).

I'm not sure what's more sad, though; that after 11 years I only have 600 posts (this one here is #600), or that I have now spent one quarter of my lfe on this board. I can't wrap my head around the latter point... seriously, the O-Board has been around for a full quarter of my life!

Thanks again, Jim!

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I've always been grateful having the opportunity to post here and read the informative thoughts of the many people much more knowledgeable than myself. As for the many recommendations, count me in as another who has seen his bank accounts depleted. At least I'm enjoying the ride to bankruptcy.

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I've been around here a lot, and I've been gone a lot. It's nice to be able to leave and feel you can still come back. Or that there is a place to come back to. Will it always be that way?

Another questions occurs to me: If the Politics thread had not been dumped, would there still be an Org Board? I was gone when that took place, and it was nice to return to a politics-free zone. It felt immediately like the right thing.

Well, thanks!

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