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Call For All Demons....oops, Blindfold Test Presenters

Hot Ptah

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Once again I have Sun Ra on the brain. "Call For All Demons" is an early Sun Ra compositions which was released on his "Angels and Demons at Play" album.

As Thom and I take over the job of Blindfold Test manager, we reflect humbly on how it takes at least two people to fill the towering shoes of Jeff Crompton, who did such a great job over the past several years.

I note that we presently have no one listed to present Blindfold Tests in July, August, September and October of this year. Would anyone like to present a Blindfold Test?

We will help you with the general concepts, and Thom will specifically help you with how to prepare the download. (I will be of no help in that regard, for sure).

Please respond on this thread, and we will sort out the schedule from the expected deluge of responses. Bill

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I will wait a few more days to see if we get additional responses, before scheduling anything.

In the meantime, I will explain how this two headed monster thing will work. I will handle the scheduling aspects of what Jeff did, and Thom Keith will provide all technical assistance, for downloading, detagging and anything else. Since I am absolutely THE worst at those technical issues, Thom is definitely the man to go to. So felser, Thom will help you with detagging.

awesome_welles, almost no one requests their Blindfold Test by disc any more, so it should not be much of a problem. If there are U.S. members who want the BFT by disc, we can work something out. For example, a U.S. member could download your BFT and burn it onto discs for the other U.S. member. I can coordinate that with you.

Homefromtheforest, I will send you a Private Message about Blindfold Tests in general.

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