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FS: Experimental Music CDs

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I have the following discs for sale. All are in like new condition unless otherwise noted. Prices include shipping to the US, please inquire for international deliveries. Minimum $15 order.

Filament -- Filament Box (FMN 5 Disc Set) (Minor Scuff Marks on Outer Box, Discs are Like new) $60

Tetuzi Akiyama /Martin Ng -- Oimacta $8

AMM (Music Now Ensemble) -- Silver Pyramid $15

AMM -- Combine + Laminates + Treatise '84 $10

AMM -- Before Driving To The Chapel We Took Coffee with Rick and Jennifer Reed -- $10

AMM -- AMMusic 1966 -- $10

Axel Dorner/Toshimaru Nakamura -- Vorhernach $8

Klaus Filip/Toshimaru Nakamura -- Aluk $8

Radu Malfatti/Taku Sugimoto -- Futatsu $15

Gunter Muller/Taku Sugimoto -- I Am Happy If You Are Happy $5

Toshimaru Nakamura -- No-Input Mixing Board (3) $7

Eliane Radigue -- Transamorem-Transmortem $10

Keith Rowe/Burkhard Beins -- Grain $12

Keith Rowe/Oren Ambarchi/Sachiko M/Otomo Yoshihide/Robbie Avenaim -- Thumb $8

Sachiko M - Salon de Sachiko $15

Taku Sugimoto -- Live in Australia $15

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