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New Music Philadelphia is a project of the American Composers Forum, Philadelphia Chapter. The New Music Philadelphia Webcast exists to further the chapter's mission to help composers advance their careers by connecting them with Philadelphia communities and creating new markets for their music. While attending concerts is essential for the support of composers, a web-based showcase offers greater and more consistent access to new music disseminated around the city and the Internet. Experience the diversity and vitality of Philadelphia's new music scene on New Music Philadelphia! Thanks to support from our Funders, anyone in the world can tune-in to our Webcast for free! For more information on our programs, please visit www.acfphiladelphia.org

Ostensibly "classical", but I've heard Dave Burrell on here and a lot of things that sound improvisatory in nature (a piece by Gene Coleman that I heard last night last night could have been one of Sun Ra's more "spacey" works, all 30+ minutes of it and right now, RIGHT now they're playing something by Ben Schachter that wouldn't be called anything else but jazz) . Whatever. It's not called "new classical" or "new jazz", just "new music", and from Philadelphia (or so it is claimed).

Anyhow, it's a resource, so if you're so inclined, there it is.

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