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IPod Question


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I use a program called iPod Access to download from my iPods. Costs about $20.

However, if the files are Apple "purchased AAC" or even worse "protected AAC" files he'll need his friend's password to play them on iTunes, and that will only work if his friend hasn't maxed out the number of computers authorized to play the tracks. He'll want to make sure his iTunes is set to manually add tracks to iPod and NOT to autosync the iTunes library.

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I've used a couple of programmes for this. The one I've been using since last spring called Touchcopy is excellent:


It cost me £16 online but has been perfect for backing up my iPods. Well worth the cost.

One reason this is better than the thing I used to use is that every time you connect it to the IPOD you can get it to sort tracks in time order and it indicates what has already been saved. I tend to do a back up every couple of months.

This is what the screen looks like on your PC, showing what is on your IPOD:


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