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Ornette Coleman - Beauty is a Rare Thing (2015)

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Amazon US is advertising a rerelease of Beauty is a Rare Thing.

From Amazon: "6-CD, Released for Coleman’s 85th birthday, this is a reconfiguration of the original Rhino boxed set which brought these legendary recordings out on CD for the first time, Beauty Is A Rare Thing is presented in a sleek, hard clamshell box, with the CDs held in elegant card sleeves and a glossy 70-page booklet."

I have been keeping my eye out for used copies of this set, until now. Anyone else heard about this rerelease?

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Once, in a rare, budget-conscious frame of mind, I passed on a reasonably priced copy of Beauty Is a Rare Thing and have regretted it ever since. Knowing that I would eventually pick up the box, I've shied away from acquiring more of the Atlantic recordings, so this reissue is a welcome one.

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For Coltrane, I'd say the original 80s Atlantic CDs were better than any subsequent release save the ORG Music hybrid SACD of My Favorite Things (Bernie Grundman), but the Coleman and Mingus sets are must own. The Coltrane set (Heavyweight Champion) supposedly also has some issue with missing seconds of music at the start of certain tracks.

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A friend of mine doesn't dig Ornette too much (his only experience might be Song X) so I sent him a YT link of "Una Muy Bonita" to show him Ornette isn't too "out there". How could someone not is beyond me. Ornette is so full of melody. The Atlantic stuff is so great. I hope they issue Love Call and NY is Now and the Empty Foxhole on HD tracks so I get the BN stuff in one shot.

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