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A few obscure Japanese jazz CDs for sale

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Prices include shipping within North America.  Overseas inquire please!


Kiyoshi Sugimoto Quintet "Babylonia Wind" (Dig Deep Columbia, mini LP gatefold sleeve - as new with OBI and insert) $30

Kiyoshi Sugimoto Quartet "Country Dream" (Dig Deep Columbia, jewel box edition - as new with OBI) $20

Takeshi Inomata Sound of Sound LTD "s/t" (Dig Deep Columbia - mini LP sleeve - as new with OBI) $30

Jiro Inagaki "Funky Stuff" (Dig Deep Columbia - as new with OBI) $25

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17 minutes ago, MagicAlex61 said:

Any luck? I see one or two on the list that I'd love to grab myself.

Haven't heard anything back, I'm afraid (and I did PM the OP).  Last time the OP was even logged into the board was June 20, 2017 (about 18 months ago).

FWIW, it was the two Kiyoshi Sugimoto discs I wanted.

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8 hours ago, MagicAlex61 said:

Good choice! I was hoping for the Babylonia Wind CD as I already have Country Dream and play it a few times a week. Good luck!

I'm especially interested in "Babylonia Wind" - as one track from it is on a J-Jazz v/a sampler CD I recently got (and it's quite good). My sampling of "Country Dream" seems to indicate it's a rather interesting and unconventional date too.  Good luck to you too!

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Sugimoto, like many other Japanese jazz men, had good understanding of what's currently hip in America, and as such some of his later works are on a bit slick side. But those early 70's recordings are good in my book. I like Babylonia Wind a bit more than Country Dream but both are fine. I like this one a lot, too (though it might be hard to track down): Quintet Live at Mingo's Musico (1973).




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