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CONTEST: 2015 Grey Cup

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It's that time of year again! It's time for the annual Grey Cup contest.

Past winners have included Noj (twice), indestructible, Bright Moments, brownie, paul secor, Soulstation1, danasgoodstuff and B. Clugston.

Here are the rules:

1) Pick the winning team.

2) Pick the number of total points scored by both teams (aka the tiebreaker).

Since approximately half of us will pick the winning team, picking the total points is necessary to win the contest. Your total points prediction must be a number which is a multiple of five (5).

The winning tiebreaker will be the one closest to the correct answer. If two are equally close, the winner will be the lower pick.

If two people pick the same thing, the first to make the pick will be the winner.

THE PRIZE: A $17.00 Mosaic Records Gift Card. The $17.00 represents one CD of a Mosaic box set.

Deadline: Sunday Nov. 29, 6:00 pm eastern


The Grey Cup game: The Grey Cup is awarded to the world champion of what I think is the greatest game in the world, Canadian rules football. That is to say, the champion of the Canadian Football League.

The Grey Cup was first awarded in 1909. They have played for it every year since then except three years during World War One. Therefore, this year's will be the 103rd Grey Cup game. Fans from throughout Canada will attend the game.

This year's game will see the Western champion Edmonton Eskimos face the Eastern champion Ottawa Redblacks.  

The Eskimos have won the most Grey Cups in my lifetime.  Warren Moon played for them his first six years as a pro, winning five Grey Cups.

The Ottawa Redblacks were an expansion team last year!!!  This will be Ottawa's first trip to the Grey Cup game since 1981.  Ottawa last won the Grey Cup in 1976 when their team was the Rough Riders.

The location of the game is chosen years in advance. This year's game will be played in Winnipeg.  Eastern fans always root for the Eastern champion, and Western fans always root for the Western champion.  Winnipeg is a Western city, so normally I would expect the majority in attendance to root for the western team (Edmonton).  However, Ottawa will certainly be Canada's sentimental favorite because Ottawa's teams have stunk for so many decades.

Throughout the year, the league's two best teams were the Edmonton Eskimos and the Calgary Stampeders.  Both teams finished the season with 14-4 records.  Edmonton soundly defeated Calgary in the Western Final Sunday 45-31.  The Eskimos have now won nine straight games. 

The Redblacks won only 2 games last year, and surprised everyone by finishing first in the East with a 12-6 record.

The Eskimos' quarterback is 30-year old Mike Reilly, who played his college ball at Central Washington.  The past two years, he has been voted by the players as the toughest player in the league!  The Redblacks' quarterback is 40-year old Henry Burris, who played his college ball at Temple..  Burris is the Eastern nominee for Most Outstanding Player.  That award will be given out Thursday.

The game will be carried live in the US on ESPN2.

You can listen to the game here:


(To listen to the game, you will need Windows Media Player which you can download for free. So you might want to plan ahead if you don't already have it.)

You can study articles analyzing the upcoming game as well as articles about the season as it unfolded in the CFL thread, which I will be updating during the course of this week.

Good luck everyone!

Here's my pick:

Ottawa - 50

The fact is, I don't think the Redblacks have a chance.  The Eskimos are a far better team.  But because the Redblacks are the sentimental favorite, I will be pulling for them, and I will pick them.


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