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BFT 140 - Straight No Chaser Revealed


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Thanks to all who listened, either just in this section or all sections.


1. Brew Moore - "Ergo" aka "Zonky" from Svinget 14 (Black Lion); Copenhagen; September 26, 1962; Brew Moore - tenor saxophone; Bent Axen - piano; Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen - bass; William Schiopffe - drums. Brew playing the McKinney's Cotton Pickers tune he learned from Dick Allen's record collection - see the Moldy Fig Stomp section. Only he couldn't remember the bridge, so he made up his own. Whatever - great swinging playing. Another version of this album is called Brew Moore in Europe.


2. Teddy Charles - "You Go to My Head" from The Teddy Charles Tentet (Atlantic). Band includes Teddy Charles - vibes; Jimmy Raney - guitar; Art Farmer - trumpet; Don Butterfield - tuba; Mal Waldron - piano; Gil Evans - arranger. Some of you found this too precious, but I think it's a brilliant arrangement, and it inspires some excellent solos by Charles and Raney.


3. Hank Jones/Dave Holland/Billy Higgins - "The Oracle" from the album of the same name; NYC; March, 1989. This is a Dave Holland tune, but the whole album's this good.


4. Vic Juris - "Blackberry Winter" from Music of Alec Wilder (Double-Time Jazz); NYC; September 23, 1996; Vic Juris - guitar; David Liebman - soprano sax; Steve Laspina - bass; Jeff Hirschfield - drums. I love Alec Wilder's music, and am willing to put up with Juris' overly-processed guitar sound for a sensitive performance of a beautiful song like this. I consider "Blackberry Winter" the best thing Wilder ever wrote.


5. Gene Krupa - "Disc Jockey Jump" NYC; January 22, 1947. Band includes Don Fagerquist and Al Porcino on trumpet, Charlie Kennedy on alto, Buddy Wise on tenor, and Krupa on drums, of course. I've always liked the post-war Krupa band - interesting arrangements and always some good soloists on hand. I think the trumpet solo is Fagerquist, alto by Kennedy and Wise on tenor; don't know who the trombonist is. Boogie, Ballads, and Be-Bop on Collectables is a good anthology of this period.


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Thanks for this!  On #3, I never heard Hank Jones play like that before, but also don't remember him playing with rhythm sections as adventurous as Holland/Higgins.  Talk about bringing in the A team for bass/drums!  I'll have to check out that album.

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Five excellent tracks, and I had not heard them before, although I have purchased the Krupa album and did not listen to it yet.

I am not that surprised by Hank Jones' playing on this track. I have heard several of Hank's recordings after 1980 and I think that this falls well within what he was doing in that period.

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