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Charlie Haden-The Montreal Tapes


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The first 12 tracks listed in the CDU page linked are on DVD of Liberation Music Orchestra at Montreal Jazz Festival in 1992. The final 4 are the CD tracks.

This is an import version of the limited edition CD/DVD 2-fer released in Korea last month. Buyer beware ... for the DVD could be region-3 coded and not playable on US players.

This DVD is separately available in the US as:

Charlie Haden - Liberation Music Orchestra

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Apparantly there are quite a few "Montreal Tapes" from Haden. AMG lists:

Montreal Tapes [2004] - Haden, Charlie Jazz

Montreal Tapes, Vol. 1 [1989] - Haden, Charlie Jazz

Montreal Tapes, Vol. 2 [1994] - Haden, Charlie Jazz

LMO Montreal Tapes [1999] - Haden, Charlie Jazz

Montreal Tapes with Geri Allen [1998] - Haden, Charlie Jazz

Montreal Tapes with Gonzalo Rubalcaba [1998] - Haden, Charlie Jazz

I have the one with Gonzalo Rubalcaba (my first exposure to this piano whiz) and i really enjoy it.

i'd like to hear about the others.


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Just finished listening to this for the first time, and it is GREAT! Joe is in top form and is playing his ass off. A long cadenza starts off Round Midnight, and one of the tunes, In The Moment, is just that- free and spontaneous.

Joe tears up rhythm changes as usual on Passport. All The Things You Are uses the same latin groove as the State of the Tenor version, but the performance is not at all redundant.

I'd say this is some of the better Joe I've heard. The recording is great- Joe plays off mic a bit every now and then, but it's not a distraction- you can just see him weaving around. He's venturing far from his usual "bag o'tricks"; I don't mean to call him a predictable player, and his bag o'tricks is hipper than most anyone's, but sometimes I like to hear him get away from the Joe-isms we seem to hear a lot. To me that says he's feeling inspired, which is the case with this recording.

Charlie Haden's bass sounds a bit odd to me- seems a little different than the sound he usually gets. It's almost a little Steve Swallow-like. What do y'all think?

Al Foster is as great as usual. I love the way he plays solos over the form of the tune.

This to me is much more than the usual all-star gig- there is much chemistry and communication and just plain fun between these guys.

I look forward to Sangrey's essay on this recording- I'm sure he'll describe things much more eloquently, but I'm expecting a big HELL YEAH from him. :tup:tup

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