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Drummer Matt Kane's new album "Acknowledgement" includes several Bobby Watson compositions. On top of that, seeing Watson live from the East Room of the White House on International Jazz Day made me realize it was time to feature his music in the first part of each hour during Jazz From Blue Lake. Here's a link to our 5 hour broadcast: www.bluelake.org/ondemand (Photo By Lafiya Watson.)


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8 hours ago, danasgoodstuff said:

I saw Bobby Watson & Horizon twice in quick succession in the Twin
Cities roughly 25 years ago, Bobby & the rest were great.

Same here - it was the lineup with Melton Mustapha, Essiet Essiet and Victor Lewis as they were touring across North America. Superb stuff !  Around the time that Horizon's fine run of Blue Note albums came out. Very impressed with Bobby's band leading ability.

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I'm glad I picked up a copy, as it is a good one.

I've seen Bobby Watson a few times--most memorably with Horizon in Vancouver in the early 1990s. I'm recalling one other time with him as leader at Sweet Basil, a more electric group with Rachel Z. Then a few years ago leading a Jazz Messengers reunion at Iridium. He's been a pleasure every time.

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5 hours ago, felser said:

wish someone would reissue those Roulette sides he did (and Blakey's "Gypsy Folk Tales").  Love his earliest stuff, especially the writing.  "Time Will Tell" especially.

I agree with you, felser.  Along with Gypsy Folk Tales, Blakey's records on Timeless and Concord are often overlooked. Bobby's "fingerprints" are all over them -- and I mean that in a good way!

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Bobby Watson has been a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City for many years and often plays live in Kansas City. I just looked it up and he moved here in 2000 and took the job at the University. Those of us who live in Kansas City have so many opportunities to see him perform each year that we get almost jaded about it. Sometimes his local performances are at a very high level.

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