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Gene Krupa

Lazaro Vega

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Starting this week on "Jazz From Blue Lake" with 1930's era drummers (Big Sid Catlett tonight; Jo Jones on Wednesday) during the Jazz Retrospective part of the program. Here's last night's broadcast featuring Gene Krupa, who studied the great early jazz drummers as well as African music and put those ideas over with great showmanship, especially on "Sing, Sing, Sing" with Benny Goodman at Carnegie Hall (1-16-38). www.bluelake.org/ondemand

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1 hour ago, Big Beat Steve said:

Why do they show me a page that I am about to leave Facebook when I just want to click on that Blue Lake On Demand link? I never was on Facebook and certainly won't.

Almost certainly because Lazaro Vega copied the link from a Facebook page. Just ignore the warning, it won't log you into Facebook or anything silly like that. Or, if you prefer, just type www.bluelake.org/ondemand in your browser. (Though you're too late to hear the 1930's drummer shows, I'm afraid.)

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Thanks for the explanation. Yes, seems like no Krupa there. Strange ... it was only put up a scant few days ago, and some of the other links on that site go back a LONG way. 

I'd just been curious about what tracks they programmed there. I am quite eager and willing to make discoveries but very, very often I have been rather annoyed by Krupa's clobbering out the rhythm on the big(gish) drums which to me either sounded overbearing or bogged things down (yes, when it comes to Swing rhythm sections I am firmly in the Jo Jones, Dave Tough et al. camps. ;)) But who knows what gems ARE out there ... ;)




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Sorry Big Beat Steve: the Interviews are the radio station's, as are the Studio Performances; but recordings are another story. The ondemand page is set up to allow listeners who enjoy Jazz From Blue Lake but who can't stay up to 3 a.m. to hear the program THE NEXT DAY, and then the files are replaced by the following evening's broadcast, etc . I'm on weeknights from 10-3 so the programming on line is always turning over. 

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