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JAZZ CDs for Sale: Italian labels RED RECORDS and SOUL NOTE

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Hello everybody......again from Italy,

here is another  assortment of jazz CDs for sale...

coming from my private collection, Each CD is in mint condition, like new

First pressing original CD, many out of print
Original booklet in perfect condition

16 $ USD / each CD (except as indicated)

I can ship Worldwide at cost (for shipping costs contact me)

Payment methods: BANK TRANSFER (preferred for European customers), PAYPAL

Please feel free to PM for any question , additional information and total price for multiple purchases 


RED RECORDS on sale:

"…Red Records is the small independent Italian company that has established a fine reputation recording first class musicians from around the world in sessions that would make a major label blush with pride."

ATTI CARLO Featuring Hal Galper Trio - Sweet Beat Blues            Red Records 123277-2 RED
BAKER CHET At Capolinea                      Red Records 123206   20 $
BISHOP WALTER JR. Midnight Blue              Red Records 123251-2 RED
BOSSO FABRIZIO  Fast Flight                     Red Records 123287-2 RED
GROSSMAN STEVE   Love Is The Thing          Red Records 123189.2 RED
HENDERSON JOE An Evening With Joe Henderson-Charlie Haden-Al Foster                  Red Records 123215-2
HERSCH FRED-LASPINA STEVE-HIRSHFIELD JEFF ETC                 Red Records 123233-2
HIGGINS BILLY 3/4 For Peace                       Red Records 123258.2 RED
HIGGINS BILLY Soweto                      Red Records 123141-2 RED
LEWIS VICTOR Know It Today, Know It Tomorrow      Red Records 123255 RED
LIEBMAN DAVE QUARTET   Setting The Standard       Red Records 123253-2 RED
LIEBMAN DAVE-D'ANDREA FRANCO Nine Again       Red Records RR 123234 - 2
MCDUFF JACK      Jack-Pot           Red Records RR 123267-2
MELILLO MIKE TRIO     Bopcentric       Red Records 123279-2 RED
MELILLO MIKE          Alternate Changes For Bud        Red Records 123211.2 RED
NELSON STEVE QUINTET    Live Session Two       Red Records RR 123235-2
OATTS DICK-SANTORO DAVE QUARTET    Meru         Red Records 123274-2 RED
SNIDERO JIM     While Your Here         Red Records 123241-2 RED
SPHERE         Pumpkins Delight - Sphere Live At Umbria Jazz            Red Records 123207-2 RED       18 $
STEWART ROBERT    Nat The Cat - The Music Of Nat King Cole                Red Records 123292-2 RED
STEWART ROBERT     Beautiful Love        Red Records 123273 - 2 RED
TRANCHINI SALVATORE     With Jerry Bergonzi And Franco Ambrosetti - Radio Suite       Red Records 123280-2
URBANI MASSIMO     The Blessing        Red Records 123257-2 RED   18 $
URBANI MASSIMO    360° Aeutopia      Red Records 123146-2 RED    18 $
WALTON CEDAR             Piano Solo-Blues For Myself            Red Record 123205.2 RED
WOODS PHIL         Integrity - The New Phil Woods Quintet Live      Red Records RR 123177  (2CD)   23 $
WOODS PHIL        European Tour Live           Red Records 123163.2 RED   (2CD)    23 $


SOUL NOTE on sale:

BLAKE RAN          Epistrophy Soul Note 121177-2
BRADFORD BOBBY                LIVE-One Night Stand Soul Note 121 168-2
CHARLES TEDDY QUARTET       Live At The Verona Jazz Festival, 1988 Soul Note 121 183-2
COBB ARNETTE-HEATH JIMMY-HENDERSON JOE       Tenore Tribute        Soul Note 121184-2
COBB ARNETTE-HEATH JIMMY-HENDERSON JOE       Tenor Tribute II        Soul Note 121194-2
EVANS GIL ORCHESTRA THE        Tribute To Gil      Soul Note 121 209-2     18 $
FELTEN ERIC-KNEPPER JIMMY        T-Bop      Soul Note 121196-2
FORMAN MITCHEL          Childhood Dreams           Soul Note 121050-2
HADEN CHARLIE-BAKER CHET-PIERANUNZI ENRICO-HIGGINS BILLY     Silence          Soul Note 121172-2    24 $
HADEN CHARLIE-HIGGINS BILLY-PIERANUNZI ENRICO       First Song          Soul Note 121222-2     20 $
LOVANO JOE      QUARTET           Tones Shapes & Colors           Soul Note SN 1132 CD
MANUSARDI GUIDO       SEXTET            The Village Fair            Soul Note 121331-2
MANUSARDI GUIDO-MITCHELL RED             Together Again                   Soul Note 121181-2
MINGUS BIG BAND                   Live At The T.B.B. Paris - Vol. 1             Soul Note 121 192-2
MURRAY DAVID-WESTON RANDY               The Healers              Soul Note 120118-2
OLD AND NEW DREAMS                      A Tribute To Blackwell            Soul Note 120113-2     18 $
RICHARD ABRAMS MUHAL    ORCHESTRA        The Hearinga Suite            Soul Note 120 103-2
SOLAL MARTIAL   TRIO           Ballade Du 10 Mars               Soul Note 121340-2
SORTINO FRANCESCA            With My Heart In A Song             Soul Note 121293-2
SPEARMAN GLENN       Free Worlds               Soul Note 120207-2
TERRY LILIAN Meets Tommy Flanagan                A Dream Comes True       Soul Note 121047-2
THE AMERICAN JAZZ QUINTET                From Bad To Badder             Soul Note 120114-2
WARE JAMES JABBO                  James Jabbo Ware & The Me We & Them Orchestra - Heritage Is              Soul Note 121259-2

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