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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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3 hours ago, JSngry said:

OMG, how can somebody who phrases so boldly and sublimely be such a horribly amorphous blues singer? I don't get it, I just don't get it.

Well, I was disappointed in his singing of this number on this CD but I thought he was much better the first time I heard him play this, on the Steeplechase live volume.  That is a classic performance in all aspects - tenor, piano, vocal.

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More Hilton Ruiz:


Ruiz was a great musician.  From the first time that I heard him -- on George Coleman's Amsterdam After Dark -- I've enjoyed listening to him make music.  (Incidentally, Big George also appears on this CD.)


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15 minutes ago, jlhoots said:

Play it loud!!!:ph34r::alien:

Play it VERY loud.

To tell the truth, though, Milford could carry this show all by himself. And kinda does. Glover/Doyle certainly add the "upper partials", and with abandon, but...I still remain wary of unlimited energy that at some point doesn't reveal anything past abandonment. Like in a church, ok, somebody gets happy, that's magical. But then, time for the real world, can you stay happy, and even more important, can you deal with the mundane shit that comes with everyday non-happy people? Or are you just gonna be a full-time happyoid, which is fine, but....not for me, I've decided, not a lifestyle I can sustain. My life does not afford a support system for that, I have to deal with non-happyoids or else...go away from my people. All the way away. Not an option for me, I love my people. But they are not upper partials abandoned people. I have been there, and definitely see the beauty, but...it's just not a place of permanence unless you go all-in, go all the way over, and never, ever come back. You have to stay up there permanently.

Give me a few more years, though, and I might come over, but the thing is, or seems to be, - once you go over you don't really come back except with a crash landing. And that's kinda the point, but...how do you not come back, ever? Because there's always a down for every up.

Anyway...Milford! What an amazing spirit.

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