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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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When Misha Mengelberg departed in 2017, among the things he left behind was an archive of cassettes and DAT tapes, primarily public performances that had been professionally recorded but never released for one reason or another.

We are working to make these recordings public in as complete a manner as possible, with the acknowledgment that we currently know very little about most of their origins outside of whatever cryptic descriptor is written on the cassette case. This one, for example, simply says: "17-18-4-88 berlijn solo", indicating that this music was recorded on the 17th and 18th of April 1988 in Berlin; however, incoming research suggests that the correct year of this recording is actually 1987. Further research is ongoing, more detail to come.

In terms of the track labelling/credits, the decision has been made to leave the tracks as unedited improvisations despite Misha's brief or extended explorations of composed pieces within those sets.


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19 hours ago, Gheorghe said:

Re: Jazz At The Philharmonic

Sure a bunch of great musicians. Maybe if I would have lived around that time, I might have attended those JATP events just to see all those giants. 

Here are 3 more from that 10 LP reissue series  by the late Bob Porter

Wont miss a copy even I have some of the original CLEFS and Verves issued under the supervision of Norman Granz with some duplicate tracks. The compilations are really great. These times will never come back.

Have seen one of the concerts in Frankfurt with Ella  and have still the program. Sweet memories.


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With some from Henry Cow:

- Tim Hodgkinson (Keyboards, Clarinet, Alto Sax)
- Dagmar Krause (Vocals)
- Chris Cutler (Drums)
- Lindsey Cooper (Bassoon)
- Guy Segers (Bass)
- Bill Gilonis (Guitar)
- Richard Bolton (Cello)
- Dominic Weeks (Xylophone)
- Nancy Ruffer (Flute)
- Clarissa Melville (Flute)
- John Impett (Trumpet)


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13 hours ago, BillF said:

Nice response, Gheorghe. 

I, too, was too young for this JATP session, as I didn't start listening till I was 17 in 1957. But, anyway, the British Musicians Union had a ban on visiting Americans at the time, though I seem to have heard that JATP got into Essex (?) in about '53 at an American airbase (?). (Someone will know about this.) The nearest Kenton got to the UK in '53 was Ireland and I've spoken to slightly older fans who made the journey. But at least I was early enough to see Jimmy Rushing and Hines with Teagarden (all in '57).

That album is a gas! :excited:

I´ve heard about that ban on visiting Americans during that time, but never understood it. 

We European musicians anyway are or were  first of all "students" of that beautiful American form of  art, like let´s say here in Viena you see japanese girls runnin´  around with small and big fiddles to study the music of Beethoven and all that historic European stuff, though they are from another continent. 

So cuttin´ them out and exclude them from playing in a european country is really a heavy thing. Is this ´cause they were "jealous" ? 

But thanks God it didn´t last long. Later, UK was one of the best places to listen to good concerts, all them greats at Ronnie Scott´s , and music halls......, all the greats played in UK

4 hours ago, rostasi said:





Who´s playing on the Romanian Jazz from the Electrecord Archives 66-78? 

I got to know  some  Romanian jazz musicians and saw a lot of them on Festivals in Sibiu and Costinești .

One of the older was Johnny Răducanu, who also wrote a book about his live (în limba română -romanian language) , others was Mircea Tiberian, Marius Pop, Harry Tavitian with Corneliu Stroe (duo creativ) , the vocal jazz quartet from Sibiu (Nicolae Ionescu, who died in the 90´s and I knew him well), now the in western Europe living Nicolae Simion, and lots of others , but I haven´t heard that eastern european jazz lately .....

11 hours ago, Dub Modal said:


One of my favourite Joe Henderson records. About the time when I heard him first. I love it ! 

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