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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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Somehow I'm in the middle of Honkers & Screamers craze again, and listening to several old compilation CDs.

This one contains the music of Red Prysock, Charlie Singleton, Morris Lane, Red Holloway, Big Jay McNeely, Julian Dash, Noble Watts and King Curtis.  And cool jacket!

Saxomania: Honkers & Screamers

This one contains the music of Chuck Higgins, Joe Houston, Lorenzo Holden, Roy Milton, Jack McVea, Floyd Turnham, Jonesy Combo(?), Brother Woodman(?) and Jake Porter. Most of them are west coast-based I guess.

Honk Honk Honk

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Just finished

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey - Ose (Thank you) - Obey 1983



The roughest, but VERY exhilarating, band I've ever heard

Los Barbaros del Ritmo - Palo de Mayo - Andino 1971




The band's from Bluefields, Venezuela, the centre of Palo de Mayo music. You can't not get up and dance.

'Scuse, I've gotta get up and dance.



PS Oh well, I suppose Erkey Grant and the Eerwigs, a London pub band of the early sixties, might have been rougher, but it's sixty year since I saw them. 





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I'm still listening to Honkers & Screamers...

This is the worst CD jacket I know of, but music is good.  Mostly from the Vee-Jay vault.  Including Julian Dash, David Shipp Combo (incl. the legendary Porter Kilbert and the young Andrew Hill), Tommy Dean, Wardell Gray, Big Jay McNeely, Al Smith, Arnett Cobb and Nobel "Thin Man" Watts.


This one contains the music of Warren Lucky, Al King, Frank "Floorshow" Culley and Buddy Tate.


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